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I'm moving over to the US in two months. The thing I'm most gutted about is having to loose my SKY+ and film package.

Has anyone here spent some time in these forums who is familiar with the US programming ?

We've got it good here, in that sense. Good quality TV.. Over there from what I've seen in my hotel rooms it's been nothing but crap advert after crap advert. Really cheesy documentaries etc..

I will definately miss the quality of british TV..

To make it better, I'd like to find a tv solution that'll give me as high quality pic as you can get over there which I guess will be HD TV.. I also want something that'll give me a decent selection of movies WITH NO ADS.. and I doubt whether this is possible but I'd love Eurosport GB (for my MotoGP) and live TV pause record etc just like Sky +.. At least I'll be able to fwd past the huge amount of ad breaks that the US viewers are subjected to.


Tivo is still supported in the stated I believe ,Most UK users swear by them ,even over SKY+ (dont have tivo so can't really comment on what it can or can't do but someone will be along at somepoint to explain) .
HDTV picture quality would far exceed SKY I would expect (again I don't have it so can't really comment again, but some can through euro1080 I think) whether the programmes are anygood ,I dont know .
It maybe worth a look through the AVSFORUMS , which is a US based forum , probably load of useful info there

good luck



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DirecTV now owned by News Corp are looking into using the NDS product which SKY+ derives from, although their current PVR of choice is the equal to SKY+ and uses the TIVO OS.

TIVO is very much a going concern in the US with over 1million units in use, hardware is constantly being developed with a brand new High Definition version just released. Most of the cable and satellite companies either offer their own PVR or are going to, plenty of choice across the pond:)


As stated, in the US there is DirecTV that has DirecTiVo. Just like Sky+ this has the built in decoders so the TiVo side records the digital feed and yes there is also the new HD version.
You should be able to get all the info you require from the TiVo Forum that has a dedicated DirecTiVo area.

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