The Untouchables on Sky One HD Tonight!


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Checked the planner and it's in HD!

This is a great movie. Cant wait! :thumbsup:


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First night of HD and i have HD football (and my team playing), Sin City and also this that i wouldn't mind taking a look at

not bad at all for the first night :smashin:


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You mean something is actually in HD on the SkyOne HD channel :eek: :rotfl:
And without threads like this I would have been completely unaware. There's two channels that we never watch anymore, simply because we never know if a programme is in HiDef - SkyOneHD, and ArtsworldHD. Who's going to bother pressing the i button on dozens of programmes on the off-chance that one of them is in HD. Maybe Sky should put the letters "HD-" in front of any programmes that are in HD on these two channels.


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Quality was fantastic, well done SKY One, quality reminded me of Enemy of the State on BBC HD a few months back.

Great treat for people not having movies but with HD (Not me but others).

One thing about the SKY One HD logo over the frame was, atleast it did not go translucent and leave a rectangle when anything white is underneath the logo.


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Gutted as many i seen it was on but cast it off as being another upscaling job. Movies shouldnt be played on skyhd one if they aint in hd, i have had skyhd since launch and i must have recorded 10 movies on skyhdone which tunred out to be upscaled.:thumbsdow


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Quality was definitely better than SD but was not detailed enough for my liking. When you compare it against something like the amazing quality of Sin City on Sky Movies 9 HD, the quality of The Untouchables was really quite dissapointing.

Never mind, it was good to watch it anyway!


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It was not upscalled, and thats just obvious to me, it looks breath taking to me anyway.

Im easily pleased anyway, Sin City remeber is a film shot especailly for High Defintion so doesnt look as Cinematic, as The Untoucables did.

IMO its was the best HD movie ive seen that wasnt either a computer animation or shot for High Def like Sin City or the Star Wars Episodes 1-3

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