The Unofficial Epson EMP-TW100 Owners Club.


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Mar 31, 2002
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The idea behind this thread is to start collecting the knowledge, experience and wishes of TW100 users, for what is a relatively recent projector.

Several other replies have been created and reserved for future use. The second reply for example, is list of all owners. If you wish to be added let me know.

If anyone as any ideas then please feel free to contribute.

mr. Custard

What the ****????????????????????????

Never seen this B4 :eek:

Reserving posts? I must be seeing things.
Count me in on that owners list. New replacement arrived today and all OK. :D
I am the proud owner of this amazing machine!

Running firmware 1.08 and feeding it composite and s-video (until I get bored enough to try out component and DVI) :p

Located in Sweden but Epson Sweden is just a branch office of Epson UK anyway so I guess it figures to join the UK club ;)

I got no dead pixels, no banding problems, no problem with Macrovision, no nothing, just enjoying the fabulous picture! :D
...and don't forget VGA.

Wow, there's just so many connections on this thing :D
All right,

Guess I'll have to join as well. After all, I consider myself to be one of the (European) pioneers on this machine. I ordered it on May 13 and got it on May 30 - and I loved it right away.

Way back then (three months is a long time in the projector world), it was something of a gamble, but it looks as though I hit the jackpot :D :D
Is anyone running the TW100 with RGBs component right out of SCART socket? It does support it doesn't it... :cool:
Only 77 to go to match the AE100 ;) :devil:

But I am sure I would prefer being on your list :)
Originally posted by Messiah
Count me in on that owners list. New replacement arrived today and all OK. :D

You gave up on the idea of having a large brick in your home cinema then?


Hows the plasma btw?
Mines back from Epson with the new Firmware.

I've got the DVI input working at 1280x720 but I can't select a 32bit colour depth in Windows, 16bit is the best I can get. Is that right ?

It might be due to my non-ATI graphics card but 16bit looks pretty bad on the grayscale test pattern I created for setting up this projector. It just doesnt track colour accurately so I'm getting alternating bands of variously tinged gray.

Native rate is super-sharp but black text on a light background looks thin and faded. Its just too sharp, the font has no 'weight' to it. Could be down to my graphics card again. Not tried playing a DVD yet

Hi Allan,

I'll give this a go later tonight and report back.

To be honest I'm all in a quandary. the previous sale did not go through due to a fault with the pj but now I have the brand new one (fair dos to Epson changed it for a brand spanking new model in 24 hours - no questions or queries) I can't decide whether I should keep it or sell it at a loss and move to CRT.

I have the room now to go for CRT and am quite excited to go down that route but don't want to lose hundreds on mine only to find that I get only a small increase in quality.

Anyone moved from LCD to CRT? Happy with the change?

Or maybe even anyone moved from CRT to LCD? Why? Happy?

Come on guys and gals, what should I do. Should I sell this brand new Epson for around £3k and spend less on a CRT or just stick with what I've got? Aaarrggghhhh!!! It's killing me. Never happy, always thinking of soemthing better or is the grass just greener :confused:

Oh yeah. Plasma's wicked. An absolute steal and absolutely no regrets. The whole package is just amazing and made even better by the AV centre which really simplifies all the connections, means I get rid of the video (tuner) and get teletext and PIP to boot. Amazing deal :D
I might try the ATI drivers, it might fix the colour tracking. I think the 16bit colour depth is a projector thing though. I can get 32bit on standard resolutions like 1024x768, 1280x960, 1280x1024 etc, just a problem with 1280x760. doh !!

DVI is conversational in that the receiving device tells the sending device what its capabilities are and 1280x720@32bit is not one of them. However, I first set up my PC with the projector when it had the old firmware. Perhaps removing and re-installing a few things here and there might sort it out.

Wasn't expecting the dramatic increase in clarity and sharpness at native rate. Played a few minutes of a DVD to test the difference, whoaaa, how can I put this ? "raw" seems a good word.

You can include me in your happy owners list too.

Been very busy lately, but managed to fit in a couple more hours viewing time. Still think this projector is great, I just want more time to experiment a bit with it, particularly with DVI.

Only got 36 hours on the clock. No dead pixels. No vertical banding.
Count me in on the owners list. I got this fine baby at a steal of a price ($3499 USD) and it gives one hell of an image! I haven't felt the need yet to do a real calibration and I'm just starting to think about mounting this thing on the ceiling. Got just a tick over 20 hours on it so far...haven't noticed any banding, stuck pixels, etc...just a real nice picture!
I've now managed to get 1280x720 working at 32bit colour depth.

Used Control Panel to remove Powerstrip followed by removal of graphics card drivers, reboot, reinstall graphics card drivers, reinstall Powerstrip, add custom resolutions in Powerstrip.

Viola !

I may be wrong but the desktop depth on your HTPC should not affect the DVD quality from say theatertek/zoomplayer/ati dvd player/powerdvd/windvd etc. They all render the picture from the DVD to the hardware overlay of the graphics card and ignore the desktop depth of your PC.

Also has anyone found out how to translate the factory/service menu on the TW100 into meaningful tweaks?. I read somewhere its lots of binary settings or something to that effect. Maybe the TW100 can only be tweaked by hooking up some specialised software to the projector?.
I wasn't sure if the Windows settings for colour depth had any effect on DVD playback but my desktop background is a 27-step grayscale which tracks terribly with the 16bit setting. At least its nice to see my desktop looking right again !


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