The Ultimate Projector


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I lied!

Seems like we are at the beginning of a new range of cheap projectors. One of the first being the Mega Pro Game Projector. Have a look here;


Ok the spec ain't great but the results are watchable and the impact is good. Special Reserves price is a bit profiteering. Realistically it could be sold at £199 with a good margin.

here it is at goldenshop which is about £134.


It does show that very low cost projectors are on the way. Later models will improve the brightness/contrast and increase resolution I'm sure. The above projector is just as good for dvd movies as games (i.e. still crap).

It won't take long for a projector/dvd combi to come out and later a full home cinema system with built in projector too I would have thought.

Its got to be a positive sign that the chinese are starting to get interested in the projector market at the low end. Should drive prices down generally for Japanese models.
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