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      Basing my opinion on the selection of discs that I received, and upon my knowledge of the other movies that are in the full collection, I would have to say that this is pretty decent boxset though, in all honesty, it is still very pricey indeed. The documentaries and relatively few commentaries are a bit hit and miss, but the transfers, judging by the titles I have been able to view, are very well presented. However, and this is the crucial thing, folks, if you are a fan of Hammer Horror (like me) the chances are that you will have quite a few of these titles sitting on your shelves already. To a casual viewer, this set is a no-no – it’s just too big a plunge. But even to someone with more than a passing interest, and a need to see what all the fuss is about, this collection does not represent the very best of Hammer, since there are a great many notable classics omitted, but it is still a great cross-section of the horror and fantasy genres that the studio so redolently indulged in, presenting, as it does, the good, the bad and ugly of their prolific output.

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