The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Blu-ray Review

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Reviewed by Cas Harlow, 6th May 2011.
Bad. Just bad.

I'll be the first to admit that Twilight wasn't as hard to endure as I expected - mostly because it was so bad that it was regularly unintentionally humourous, and thus surprisingly entertaining (think Showgirls) - but two movies later even that silver lining has disappeared, and all we're left with is bad acting, pointless love triangle back-and-forth story plotting and terrible, cringeworthy dialogue. Things may have been different had Meyers not written the unplanned second film, and instead stuck to the plan of doing Eclipse as a follow-up, then somehow the three-way love story wouldn't drag out so damn long. But that's not the way in played out, and enough is enough, already.

Coming to Region B-locked UK Blu-ray in a near-enough identical package to the US release, we get excellent video and audio and a hefty selection of extras which are sure to please fans of the saga. Those new to the series should just start at the beginning, at least Twilight had some originality to it. That said, I'm sure you could skip to this one and fill in the gaps. Edward loves Bella. Bella loves Jacob. Jacob loves Bella. Bella loves Edward more. Wow, I just saved you six hours of your life.

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Spot on. The kids love the series and while I can stomach it its clearly aimed at 11-16 year old girls. We have the joy of a 2 part finale release to come as well

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