The Trial - 50th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray Review

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      The elusive Franz Kafka. An author whose works are so surreal, so dense and – at times – incomprehensible, that the English language has adopted the word Kafkaesque purely to describe impossibly, surreally, complicated situations. A German-speaking Jew living in Prague, trained as a lawyer, and working for an insurance company, Kafka wrote numerous short stories before progressing on to full length novels. Dense, overbearing novels which would later be regarded as involving elements of existentialism, expressionism and socialism, as well as obviously having been informed by the Marxist situation of the times. Whilst possible to admire the man, it is much harder to like his works; the characters are poorly developed and almost purely functional, and the stories are complex allegories upon allegories, so symbolic and yet so obtuse that complete comprehension is perpetually elusive.

      His unfinished 1914 novel, The Trial, is one...

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