The Tragedy of Macbeth (AppleTV+) Movie Review & Comments


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Thanks for the great review Tom.

I’ve been looking forward to this as a Coen fan. I never knew the story, bought the 2015 Kurzel film staring Fassbender along with a great European cast and it sat on my shelf unopened (not a good sign).
Having watched the Coen trailer (and loving the look of it), I watched the Justin Kurzel version. I’d heard it was long, lingering and the mist was a little overdone.
Amazing, looked fantastic, great story with fantastic performances.

Really in the mood for this now and glad to see it’s well reviewed.


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Agree with the 9/10 and the comments in the review as a whole. The b/w photography, the 4:3 ratio and the mist all gave such a claustrophobic feel yet maintained beauty throughout. Some of the acting was very theatrical which wasn’t surprising due to the source material. Was very good as a whole.


Apple TV shows tend to be slow burners and never grabs you by your throat unlike you others shows in other platforms and yet they always get high scores.
Some of the shows are like watching a paint dray!

Tom Davies

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yet they always get high scores.
Are you talking about here specifically or in general because the last year of Apple shows reviewed by AVF have consisted of a few 6s and 7s and a handful of 8s which are respectable scores but not exactly best-of-the-year stuff.


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Having been waiting for this, I promptly forgot about it lol.

I’d watch Denzel watching paint dry (others on here don’t seem to like that lol)

I like a lot of Apple TV stuff. Yes it’s not ramming excitement in your face. But there is so many other shows that I like the change in pace. At least it seems they have some control over content. Writing a blank cheque and waving the production crew off with a “good luck” is not a great quality control system and it’s shows time and time again.


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Cheers Tom, but I have seen that many incarnations of Macbeth, I don't think I can bring myself to watch anymore. Denzel might just pull me in though for one last ride.

Macbeth always works best on stage.


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Thought this was well made, liked the 40’s / theatre feel to it. B\W worked well, great editing, loved the odd angles (not that I’ve seen it, but from the clips I have seen if it, reminded me of Black Narcissus).
Great acting all round, thought Macduff (Corey Hawkins) was the standout.

7/10 - preferred the 2015 version

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