The Top 10 Best Games Of 2018 (Q2) & Comments

Umm, Spider Man?


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Spider-Man and odyssey lead the way for me. The latter is a major achievement,,the sheer size and scope of the game is incredible.
But the biggest release since Witcher 3 is out next Friday. And that is a game changer.
W3 laid down a benchmark that's not been passed. Let's see how rdr2 does.


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SpiderMan and Shadow of Tomb Raider. Haven't tried Odyssey as Origins was such a let down for me with constant crashes. Might get it on sale as I'm hearing good things about Odyssey.


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Actually haven't bought any new releases this year across any platform. Still playing those games I already have in the back catalogue.


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Odyssey for me. It's a fantastic game and amazingly improved on the already superb Origins. Where AC goes from here is anyone's guess but I'd like to see Ubi get away from the ancient times. I think an AC with the current engine based around the Victorian or current era would make a magnificent game but I'd be willing to bet that the next title will be set in ancient China or Japan.


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Definitely going to give Onrush a try if it's still in game pass.
I have been playing Grip which I have been enjoying but this looks better!
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