The Third Day (HBO/Sky) TV Show Review & Comments


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I watched the first episode of this last night and thought it was thoroughly excellent. Looking forward to more.


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I thought I was the only who watched it...very atmospheric & eery!
wish I could binge it


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Thanks Kumari, think this is one I will have a look at. Had heard about it a while back but forgotten all about it until your review.


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Thanks for the review I must admit I nearly turned off after the first 5mins, but I didn't. I will give it a few more episodes.

I must admit all the way through I could not stop thinking of 70's version of the film The Wicker Man


I enjoyed the first episode but, as mentioned above, it seems to be clearly set in trodden territory and will need some invention, or at the very least, sustained quality, to keep me hooked.
Paddy Considine is great as the matter-of-fact landlord and Jude Law is engaging in the lead.
So, let's get twisty...


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This definitely has potential, but to many shows start of with a bang and end with a whimper i.e lovecraft country.


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They should have put this on as a boxset to binge as the first episode felt like a taster. I think I'll leave the rest until it has finished and watch them close together.


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Just looked at the trailers for Utopia looks a bit daft to me it's not another superpower crap thing is it?
I presume you're referring to the Utopia remake?

I'm talking about the writer/director/composer of the original. They're all involved with this. Which should get you excited if you'd seen it.


Just looked at the trailers for Utopia looks a bit daft to me it's not another superpower crap thing is it?
Kelly, Cristobal and Munden's Utopia is up there with the most exhilarating, tense and memorable TV shows that I've seen, but despite the fact that I always recommend it to people who didn't catch it during its original Channel 4 run I can never tell whether they'll stick with it or not even if I have a rough idea of their tastes in film and TV shows.

They managed to strike a very unique and absurd tone that mixes comedy with some genuinely chilling ultraviolence and disturbing set-pieces. And Cristobal Tapia de Veer's score is easily the most original that I can think of for any TV series off the top of my head that isn't irritating or trying too hard to be wacky and different for the sake of it. Sometimes it is weird, sometimes chilling, sometimes cute and whimsical but it always seems to fit the scene or moment like a glove which was a great achievement given the whacked-out plot!

It's also a show that I've been able to watch over and over again and I enjoy listening to the score now and again as well. It's not perfect and ends on a cliffhanger, unfortunately, although I think it was already running the risk of becoming a parody of itself.

It also couldn't be more relevant and despite wanting to say more on that subject I'll leave it at that. Here's a clip from S2 Ep 6 that'll give you a taste of how unusual it can be without revealing anything about its main characters. It's tough to find a clip that doesn't spoil too much whilst showing off what's unique about the show but this one does a decent job of getting that across.

Edit - Kelly, Munden and Cristobal really achieve a great sense of foreboding and impending violence throughout the series either through its dialogue, it's score, or actual scenes of threat and intimidation.

There's a scene in S1 that I still can't believe got past the censors. You'll know it as soon as you see it. Still manages to make my heart leap out of my chest mainly down to Neil Maskell's truly disturbing performance.

Edit - The season 2 opener is visually striking and reminds me of Antonioni's Red Desert in that regard.

Edit - I'm truly intrigued by Kelly's seeming infatuation with the Romani people and their culture! It's in his new show and was a critical part of Utopia's plot!
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