The Thing


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Is the new remake worth going to see, or is the original still better, the only remake's that I have enjoyed really is the Nightmare on Elm Street remake and The Halloween remakes, I thought the new friday the 13th was garbage compared to the originals.


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Just seen the prequel to The Thing. I felt like breaking the fricking disc in half, such a ****, terrible terrible idea for a film. **** acting, **** story really REALLY **** CGI/SFX.
And then they force the whole linkage to the original during the fricking credits.

I want to hunt down Carpenter, pack him up with a flame thrower and some grenades and then we go find the stupid mutha fukkers responsible for this **** poor attempt of a franchise start up and burn them alive! And whilst they're cooking, I'll say "Burn in Hell" in Norweigen too!

Also why do writers insist on having blobby, jelly or insect type aliens who are apparently able to contruct and fly ships and technology far far superior to our own

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