The Thing R2 anamorphic?


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Can anyone confirm wether the region 2 release is anamorpic please? I'v looked on lots of suppliers sites but it's not conclusive either way!


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I'm pretty certain it isn't, only the latest R1 re-release is anamorphic.


The R2 version of The Thing that I own is non-anamorphic and aparently out of print. There is another one out now, but it looks exactly the same except with different box art, so yeah, it seems only the R1 is anamorphic.


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According to Rewind, the only anamorphic version is the new re-issued R1 collectors edition.


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kartoffelkopf :p Print your own cover if it bothers you that much...

Lord Midas

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I can't remember. The Thing is the 1st DVD I ever bought when DVD came out in the shops all those years ago!! :smashin:


I can confirm that the Thing is non-anamorphic, but still a first-rate picture.
Enjoy... Woodie:cool:


oooh - errr:-

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Not that I like to knowck those reviewers at avforums, but I'm sure that I read a review on here of the R1 release which was less than favourable.

The R1 pic is fine and being anamorphic is much superior to the non anamorphic R2 (which I also have).

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