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On John Carpenter's "The Thing" the widescreen format does not auto matically select as it does on my other DVDs. When the TV (Tosh 28Z07B) is switched to Widescreen the aspect ratio is approx nearer 2.7:1 rather than 2.35:1 as stated on the cover giving larger bands at top and bottom of the picture than I,ve seen before . Player is Tosh SD 210EB.
Why is there such variation in this ratio even on DVDs with apparently the same widescreen format?

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The Thing is not Anamorphic (enhanced for widesrceen TV's) that is why the black bars are bigger the film is still 2:35.1. I dont know if this is why your TV dosent go to widesrceen automatically?


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As well as having very thick black bars, you should have noticed that all of the people, places, props, etc., are all too wide/not tall enough.

Use your TV's 'zoom' setiing (or whatever they call it).


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A WS TV will only auto switch to 'Wide' if it detects a 'WS signal' that is encoded into the DVD/Broadcast.

Some WS TVs can auto switch to 'Smart' mode where no WS signal is detected, but this is wrong as it loses some of the image and distorts it.

Basically, to a WS TV a non-anamorphic DVD is the same as a 4:3 DVD.

Squirrel God

My R2 "Dark City" is the only non-anamorphic widescreen DVD I own that automatically switches to 16:9 zoom. Weird.

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