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I have just got The Thing (R2 collectors edition) on DVD,i couldnt resist it for £6.49!
When i started to watch it i immediately thought that it didnt look right because the image seemed unusually small - approx 9.5" tall on my 32" widescreen. According to the box it is in 2.35:1,so for comparison i put in another disc that is 2.35:1 and the displayed image is approx 12" tall,which is the norm for all of my 2.35:1 discs.
Has anybody else with this disc noticed this,is there a fault with the disc? There definitely seems to be something wrong somewhere.


It's a while since I have watched mine but I think you have to select it manually from the tv's zoom modes, The Thing is not anamorphic, if that's the correct word. :)


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I will give this a try and see what difference it makes. Come to think of it,i dont think i have any other 2.35:1 non-anamorphic discs.:confused:

the thing wnn

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unfortunatly, the thing IS a non-anamorphic 2.35:1 transfer.
It's still a very good transfer and holds up well to being zoomed.

maybe one day we will get an anamorphic version.
But I can't see anyone finding extra extras for a new edition!

well worth it for the price you paid!


me thinks its time the original 50s version of "The Thing" was released!"!!!!!


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I watched the whole film last night but before i did,i experimented with the picture modes on my Toshiba tv. The best one to watch this film in is "Cinema" - it increases the image to more or less the same as an anamorphic 2.35:1 but does not lose anything from the sides,from what i could see anyway.

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