The thieves are out!


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Shed broken into last night, well big concreate garage we have in the back.

They took two mountain bikes, one which was buggered and the other which was almost new!

However, they left three road bikes totalling over £4000!

So be cautious everyone!!


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they might pay you another visit for them..


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All moved, but just found out as we were looking through more stuff, so house ins claim :(

NooBish AbbZ 92

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I had my bike stolen last week :mad: Puncture on the way to work so had to lock it up on the way and walk the rest. Locked up to some railings necxt to a main road from 7am-12. Flat tyre, I'd taken the quick-release seat with me, and yet it got robbed.



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Often after 6 weeks or more as they anticipate it takes this long for you to replace the bikes through insurance!

Probably, added more security today. Buggers they are. Fortunately, one of the road bikes is my 8 year old daughters christmas present did not get taken.


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Could always hook them to a live power supply (if they are metallic and not CF) could have a thief christmas tree :D

Had a bike stolen right outside the front entrance of a tescos express a couple months ago........then a month later, I had the new bike locked up with two locks, so the kids who were hanging about outside didnt have time to steal it, they just slashed the tyres fear of the camera directly outside.....or the dozens of people that mill around this area going from shop to shop etc.....astonishing.

I still remember when the first one was stolen, just as I was leaving the shop, this woman said to me 'I think that man out there is stealing your bike'.....a good 8 people just stood and watched him do it, clearly knowing what he was doing and didnt even think of shouting out anything to put him off. Common sense would dictate that in that kind of environment he is going to run, not try it on with you. Different if it had been a lonely alley..

One thing I like about being 6ft and very large, whenever I see someone about to do something like that, I've no problems disturbing far none have ever confronted me, just fled......although I do wear a long mac done up, so perhaps they think im old

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