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Discussion in 'TV Show Forum' started by andypandy, Jul 29, 2004.

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    Well before I pass on my usual comments on the above film I also saw Catwoman - was just simply OK and also King Arthur - was simply OK again. Clive Owen, again unfortunately just was not the right person for the role (just like brad pitt in Troy !). He was GREAT in those very short BMW sponsoerd films and seems he should stick to those roles.

    NOW, The terminal, was highly entertaining and I would rate higher than the others mentioned. Catch phrase so far this year has to be....."Do you have an Appointment ?". All main characters were very good indeed in their parts.

    I have to go back and mention, love or hate him, Russell Crowe was just so perfect in Gladiator (regardless of what you think of the film). He walked, talked, shouted, fought, ate, breathed, looked (did I miss anything ?) like a believable Roman Soldier - Maximus. He just came across as The MAN.
    End of personal summary.

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