the term (dual mono amps) sterio or not?????


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often see the term (duel mono amp) regarding 2 channel amplifiers, does this mean a single inbuilt amp for each channel (left and right speaker) and although termed as (mono) does amp give sterio replay with suitable sources, say cds, always find the term mono a bit confusing thanks all


Yes I think it is stereo, dual mono simply means AFAIK that each channel has an independant amplifier. Usually this results in better quality.

Some people even use "monoblock" amplifiers, ie in seperate boxes and connect to them using a pre-amp, should be better still.


My MF A3 is dual mono.

Yes its stereo :). What the phrase implies is that there are no common circuits or components for both channels.

The MF has two power supplies, two preamps and two power amps. The only things that are common are the volume and selector switches, but they in turn may switch electronically on each of the preamps, don't know exact design.

The whole idea is to improve the interference between channels. I.e. big bass notes on one channel isn't going to sap the power from the other as each side is seperate all the way to the mains coming in.

This is more expensive because you can't use stereo ICs, components etc and so component count increases.


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