The tallest waterfall in Surrey


Went out on an exploration about 9.30am this morning and after about 40 minutes of walking mpritch and i found what can only be described as the "eighth wonder of the World". I had googled somewhere to take photos of last night and asa it happens mpritch was just around the corner, even though we had arranged to meet up (spooky) :D

It IS the tallest waterfall in Surrey, but that isnt really hard as i think i jumped over the second tallest on the way to that one thinking it was a sewage pipe.

We were there for about 30 mins before Tobers turned up and had a quick snap from the safety of the bottom pool.

I want to show some of these photos, not as a delight of photos, but for the sheer nerve that me and mpritch had at climbing up and down the waterfall with £1000's of equipment in our hands. Ive just got home and had to check that i havent contracted Trench-Foot.

It was also a good time to experiment with filters and the Tv setting on our cameras, and to give my new tripod a run out (now im sorry. Its filthy)

The waterall is in 4 tiers with a river running parallel to the valley then trurning ninety degrees and dropping into the waterfall below.

#1 - Here is the highest point, its about 4 feet drop :

#2 - And to give it some scale, here is mpritch poised for a snap :

#3 - The second tier taken with a wide angle lens and dropped about 6 feet.

#4 - This was the hardest to take. I climed down a very slippery slope to get here and stood about a foot from the edge of the raveen constantly wiping my camera from the spitting of the water. I noticed that due to the water and temp being so cold icicles formed on the plants which made a nice shot. This drop is about 8 feet.

#5 - Here is the waterfall in all its glory (play the game "can you spot mpritchs tripod getting into the shot?")

#6 - And for some scale here, with Tobers taking a snap with his nice new camera.

#7 - After Niagra was a large pool of water and this ran down under the ground which is shown here just before it goes underground (handheld)

#8 Just for something a bit different, here is a B+W conversion with a play in Lightroom adjusting various things that slide left and right, of the drop at the first tier.

After that me and Tobers went to the local for a spot of lunch anbd a pint. Perfect morning.
Hope you enjoy looking at them as much as i did taking them.


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#4 Kinchy - definitely. A really lovely shot, with the flash picking out little highlights. I love the seed pod things encased in ice - superb. A top pic that will do well in a competition or two should you enter it.

I walked for miles in the wrong direction before I found the guys tucked in the undergrowth. They'd been there a while and were rather soggy by the time I got there :)eek:).

I went for a slightly different approach, taking advantage of my weather sealing I tried some flash shots to stop the water at the base of the raging deluge.



#3 And lastly, the stock shot from the end of the pool. I put a polariser on for this and it makes a huge difference by removing reflections off the water and the foliage making everything look more saturated. I slightly tweaked the brown/red hue of the fallen leaves to make them a bit redder as well.


Nice shots mate.
Good to compare the 2 full length waterfall shots. Shows the difference. Though the one i posted came from my 17-55 i think, as i cant remember which one i took with your 24-105 :suicide:


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take the road from guildford to dorking (via gomshall and wotton). Turn off right towards friday street, and it's up towards broadmoor car park. It's off on a private road so you need to walk as it's also on a bridleway. I'll try to get a location bookmarked for you and post.

I'll also get my shots up later on this evening to complete the set.



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Don't you guys have jobs to go to?!

Great shots - really like No.3 - great angle. Shame about the little drop of water you've picked upo in the bottom left corner.


Don't you guys have jobs to go to?!

Great shots - really like No.3 - great angle. Shame about the little drop of water you've picked upo in the bottom left corner.

Blimey, cant see for looking., Thanks for that, never noticed ;) too much staring at them.
Will get it cloned/cut out later when im on the PC and not sat feeding the lad.


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As promised - my series of shots from the shoot at the waterfall :thumbsup:. For obvious reasons some are very similar to Kinchy's as there actually isn't that much scope to move around beside the fall. If we'd climbed up the other side then maybe there are some more angles.

In the name of photography I climbed into the fall to remove a beer can which had be lodged in the way. Worth getting wet for. :smashin:

Was my first time taking long exposure shots of water, so pretty pleased with the results, although when Tobers took his flash out, I was intrigued to see how much it would freeze the water droplets which I think turned out cool.

All shot at ISO 100

#1. The first drop off the top. 20mm lens- 2secs @ f9.0 (0.3 and 0.6 ND)


#2. The second larger drop. 23mm lens - 3 sec @ f6.3 (0.3 and 0.6 ND)


#3. Scattered leaves in the stream at the top - 55mm lens - 13 sec @ f6.3


#4. The third / lowest drop - 17mm lens - 1/2 sec @ f16.0 (no filters)


#5. The third / lowest drop - 35mm lens - 0.8 sec @ f16.0 (no filters)


All quickly processed for exagerated tones (mainly dark) and reduction of colour saturation. A slight vignette helps on some.

Any comments welcome,




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Nice pics there Mark. #4 and #5 look lovely. I like your take on the icicles. I saw you setting up and constantly wiping your lens to keep it drop-free before taking the pic. The pp on #4 is very good as well - it looks like there's lovely light on the water which of course there wasn't.


Love the pics. You took time over your shots. I just placed the camera down and took at whatever angle i could. I was scared of getting the lens completely soaked.

I like the saturated colours, works well.


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Great thread this guys, looks a very productive trip out, hard to single out one picture they all look great :thumbsup:


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All of them are really good - sounds like a great way to spend a Thursday morning ... shots like this make me jealous I don't drive and live in the city

I can't help but wonder whether kinchy had to clone out mpritch's bumcrack in #2 :rotfl:


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I wouldn't put kinchy (or anyone) through that..... I had layers and layers of thermals on so their was NO way my bum was going to be on show. :rolleyes:

It was a great way to spend a thursday. Still have 3 days of hols left before I hit the grindstone next week. Trying to work out at least one more outing before then - sunday is forecast to be SUN !

Thanks all for the comments on the pix. I think I'm going to process them properly later in the week.


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