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Reviewed by Chris McEneany, 5th May 2009
Far from being the disappointment that so many naysayers would have you believe, Tale Of Despereaux is often tremendous fun and bewitching. That it tells its story in such a strange sort of way should not be held against it. Once you've found the hook to the tale, it is easy to become entranced by the richly detailed milieu and the surprisingly dark plot twists that transpire therein. I had expected problems with the movie and, to a degree, these are plain to see. But the amazing thing is that these missteps do not damage the film too badly. Indeed, it is refreshing to find such a typical “cute-critter” fable dealt with in such an abstract manner. It could never be termed a classic of the genre, but this is diverting enough to be worthwhile and solid family fare.

Universal's disc forgets a commentary track, but lashes in a couple of PiP features, a token “making of”, some kid-friendly stuff and a neat line of animatic treasures. With a great image and solid sound, this is a very reasonable package for those who aren't total Pixar-snobs.

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