The Tag Site is Back up


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can't see DP though ????


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It is referred to as simply AV32R bp 192.

Maybe an oversight.....


Hi Guys

The website is still undergoing development. Software links should be available soon.

Hope this helps


Originally posted by mlinhares
It looks very nice. Shame about the forum, but we have this one.
I couldn't see a software download area.
It would be a great shame if they do not rebuilt the forum. I hope they will give it another go. It might takes a while for all the old contributors like the guy from BBC and Glen to return. It was unique and I am sure for one thing it was greatly responsible for building up the loyal following especially for their AV products in such a short time for a company. On top of the great negative feeling they get stopping the Audiolab brand. I never had Audiolab gear so it never really bother me as such but it seems you guys will get your wish now. Lets hopes for a better future.

Stuart Wright

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Perhaps you guys can spread the word about this forum until Tag relaunch theirs.
Of course it would suit me if this becomes the first port of call for Tag discussions.

Paul Reading

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Who are the best re-sellers in London that really know this equipment inside out. there are so many options and I have a barco projector and would love to know the best set-up to interface with it.


I could not find also the registration link, back in february I bought a 100x5r and I forgot to register it.
I hope the registration link is still under construction and also the club section where we could see our data and equipment, downloads, upgrades, etc.

Any idea about that??

Gordon @ Convergent AV

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It depends what you mean by best and London. If you want someone who is able to get the best out of the TAG stuff (ie has put in 192's, understands de-interlcaing and scaling, can actually achieve room eq meausrement and calibration using v.high quality measuring techniques, is a Barco dealer and has installed the first 3 chip Cineversum in UK, then perhaps X3ELS of this forum.....Elliot Hicks of PJ HiFi in Guildford (not quite London but not exactly far away)

There are of course other TAG dealers in London, Martin Kleiser and Prestige Audio spring to mind but I have seen Elliots work and it looks good to me!



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i thought IAG did not get the rights to the tag name, strange tag giving then the rights but not having control of it.


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Have you noticed the name is now TagMclaren Audiolab?


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Just noticed that downloads are now available :clap:

Within contact us Section


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Great that the downloads are available. Although I did notice that for the AV32RDP it's 4.30 and not 4.31 which was the latest they had on the old site.

The 4.31 fixed some DTS Discrete issues among other things.

Anyway, good that things are getting back up again!


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Apparently...the new owners have/will use the Tag name for about a year, products will then be badged as Audiolab once again.
As long as IAG don't neglect their new toy too much everyone should be happy, i for one was very surprised to see the site back up so quickly again.
This was from one of the top people at Audio-T last week.


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If the help etc turns out to be even half as good as the Quad helpdesk,then it'll be a great step forwards,as the support from Quad on even ancient equipment is superb.

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