The SVM OFF Project - for expert only



Well, at this point I started a project called 'SVM off' and 'The way for picture paradise'

disable SVM on FX66 / FQ70 / FX68 <--- current
enhance of the picture and gray scale
gowhere images never been before ;)

Hot to:
with help of some expert-brave power user or technician/engineer team

in a restricted room without possibility that some other user can read our experiments and do some stupid thing with service menus

How to enter in this room:
write me a PM

And after?
If everything go well, we post all we discovered here, on

NO NEWBIE please!
see you :hiya:


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Rather busy at the moment but promise I'll have a good look at this as soon as I can.


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It would be great if information for the KV36FS76U were also to be made available. The only thing spoiling the total enjoyment of this great TV is SVM!


As I read some other people interested in disabling SVM.
We are working for this, meanwhile I repeat, if some good
technician feels good can help us in the reach of this goal.

One think I'm without is the FULL service manual of the 32-FX68
I have of FX66 and LS60, I think SVM board of FX68 is same as FX66 but I must be sure. If someone has it, please contact me.

I'm waiting my copy of DVE now,
another big target is reach the white level at 6500K.
some found in an utility flashlight a low-power little bulb close enough, but it's not more available.
some other source known?

see you soon



no TT code exists for permanent disabling of SVM.
it's necessary disconnect SVM board, I'm in study of
schematics now.

however, some arrogant genius declared that he did it
without difficult, we'll see soon. ;)


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I disabled SVM on my Sony KV28FX20 by removing the back cover and cutting a wire on the SVM board. Locating the correct wire to cut wasn't difficult as it's easily located and the wire itself is conveniently marked "SVM".

I was a bit worried that I may have done something that would ruin the set, but the tv has now been SVM free since November 1999 and still performs flawlessly.

It is a bit nerve wracking going inside a tv and cutting wires, but I'd researched disabling this "feature" and was determing to rid my tv of it.

The FX20 is an early Sony Wega, so I can't say that disabling SVM on a modern Sony will be as easy as it was on my set.

Why can't Sony give us the option to turn SVM off in the user menu, like they do on many of their American tv's :mad: .


In fact, cutting SVM cable keep SVM board amplifier under +135V,
as I can see on schematics.
MP (MProcessor) still trigger out SVM signal, so everything is still as is but board OUT can't reach neck assy.
Best would be preserve by-pass connection on SVM board, leave this without power source, disconnect IN/OUT trigger signal, well OUT is very easy, INPUT we must set MP that SVM is NOT present. That's when you select VMLevel or VM Off via service menu? Same MP can be used for sets have not VM enabled, or just for some settings. There's a software way, and an hardware way, well we can't manage software, but hardware... :p

Paul Atreides

I only cut the VM wire and that works fine.


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    cut wire.jpg
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Thank you Paul,
now I know SVM can be deactivated
but I don't think I did the same you did

I relased the topic of project I started, and
my little study can be found at my website

borndevil forum - SVM topic

Pics are just too big to be posted here.
Now for Step 2 I need to calibrate color decoder,
it's not easy as I can't have a good response
through green filter of DVE and I have blue
smearing as posted here

Paul Atreides

I didn't want to disconnect any plugs because it might loosen the cathode connection (C Board).
I was also paranoid about causing an implosion by snapping the neck.


I didnt understant this thing of the cathode connection and implosion... maybe my english... :)

Paul Atreides

Cathodes are the filaments that create the RGB electron beam at the back of the neck.

Implosion = Opposto da Esplosione


Understood what you mean.
It may be a possibility, but you need to slip over the neck! ;)
Well, I comprend your "fear"

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