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    Currently running a Sony NS305 through a Sony 28FX68, using an Ixos £40 RGB scart...

    I understand that the level of noise visible in a DVD movie can be attributed to the initial transfer onto the disc itself.

    I have a wide range of DVD movies, some containing bright outdoor scenes, others include very dark, subtle lighting etc...

    When watching differenct DVD's, irrelevant of their location (see above); they give huge variations in the amount of visible noise.

    I know the distance you sit from the TV can be a factor also.

    Knowing all of this, my question is thus:

    Would a better quality DVD player help improve (decrease) the amount of noise?

    My Sony NS305 has a mode for noise reduction, but there is little or no effect from the three settings. What is the technical reason how different DVD players can cope with noise better?

    Cheers guys, Merry Xmas :)

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