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The sub £2000 plasma debate

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by bongpig, Sep 11, 2004.

  1. bongpig


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    I was in the market for a TV under £2k. With all the plasma options available, I narrowed it down to these screens:-

    Panasonic TH-37PA20
    Samsung PS-42V4SX
    LG RZ-42PX11
    Various Hitachi screens 32" to 42"

    I tested them all using my xbox connected via component and various games both bright and dynamic as well as slow, dark material.
    I thought I should share my findings.

    It didnt take me long to decide against the Sammy and LG to be honest. They both seemed really nice when I walked into the store. But when I started testing them they really showed some big problems. Firstly flicker and dot craw were really quite bad, especially over large areas of low saturated, dark colours. Im aware all plasmas suffer with this, but these two were identical. eg, bloody bad. Secondly, while the image looked deep and rich when static, the moment I forced a slow pan, the colours would posterize ( colour banding ). This was a big deal breaker for me. Video games are all about full panning screens. It was quite horrid. The 256 grey shades on most plasmas just cant cut it when displaying not so dynamic, light contrast screens. Large areas of skin tone moving across the screen was another nasty effect.

    The Hitachis and Pannys were much better in all regards. However, after longer use, I found myself prefering the Panny. It was simply better. More solid. Less posterization that ANY other plasma ive ever seen, ( especially at under £2k ) with less dot crawl.
    I could really see what people ment when they advised that the Pannys sometimes dont seem too good initially. The longer I sat with the screens, the more the Panny sucked me in.
    Needless to say, I bought the Panny. The difference between it and the Hitachi was small, but persoanlly, the Panny had something extra. Hard to pinpoint exactly.

    If you are in the market for a cheap plasma, and are trying to choose between a Panasonic and some other 'lesser' brand ( eg Samsung, LG, Techwood ) dont be fooled by showroom demos. Ive seen dozens of posts for people not understanding why everbody goes on so much about Panny plasmas. Do yourself a favour and test using your own stuff, and test over several hours.

    So, in closing, Ild like to say these Panny owners are not idiots! They can seem a little obsessed sometimes to non-believers, but thats for good reason.

    I simply cant express enough just how happy I am with my TH-37PA20. Ive only had it 5 days, and every day it gets better.
    Excellent stuff. :)

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