The Strangers (US) 21/10

Jim Morrison

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Just had my dispatched email from Movietyme. :thumbsup:

Anyone else picking this one up? :rolleyes:


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Mine too, Movietyme's delivery times have been excellent as of late.

UMAR 3:16


UMAR 3:16

I saw it in the theatre and liked it. Tense, atmosoheric and well directed. Got some good reviews too, so not sure what's up with the sarcasm...

cool, might give it a rent then...


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Enjoyed this in the cinema and thought it was good for what it was but not a film I would rush to watch again. The BD is tempting me though as I have read great things about the DTS-MA soundtrack.

Jim Morrison

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I quite enjoyed this..perhaps not enough to watch a second time (I too thought 'Them' did it better)..but it was decent enough. The highlight of the BD is definitely the audio...the sound design is fantastic and really helps ratchet up the tension.


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Thought this was pretty dire in my opinion. Think the director had maybe watched Funny Games a few too many times...


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Watched the unrated cut of this last night at reference level the dts ma soundtrack is brilliant, A very atmospheric, Jumpy and well crafted soundtrack. The picture is great as well with solid black level and good shadow detail, There is quite a strong brownish tint to the colour pallete and the transfer is really sharp. As for the film itself it kept me on the edge of my seat throughout it's a very well crafted film and alot better than i imagined it would be. I'll definately be giving this one multiple viewings :devil: Highly recommended Blu ray with top notch AV :thumbsup:


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