The Stranger (Netflix UK) January 30, 2020


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The drama comes from the team behind Harlan Coben’s ‘Safe’ (which starred Michael C. Hall), and sees Armitage play Adam Price, a man who discovers a secret that destroys his perfect life and sends him on a collision course with a deadly conspiracy. Adam has a good life, two wonderful sons, and a watertight marriage – until one night a stranger sits next to him in a bar and tells him a devastating secret about his wife, Corrine. Soon Adam finds himself tangled in something far darker than even his wife’s deception, and realises that if he doesn’t make exactly the right moves, the conspiracy he’s stumbled into will not only ruin lives – it will end them.

The Netflix official synopsis reads: "Secrets, violence and a conspiracy send family man Adam Price on a desperate quest to uncover the truth about the people closest to him."

Joining Armitage in the series:

‘Happy Valley’ and ‘Downton Abbey’ star Siobhan Finneran takes a leading role as DS Johanna Griffin, who finds her pragmatic approach to police work compromised when her investigation into the matter becomes deeply personal.

Dervla Kirwan (‘Strike Back’, ‘Silent Witness’) plays Corrine Price, a well-respected teacher, a loving wife to Adam and mother to their two sons. When Adam learns a terrible secret about his wife from The Stranger, he confronts her but she disappears, kick-starting a chain of events with potentially devastating results.

Hannah John-Kamen (‘Ant-Man and The Wasp’, ‘Ready Player One’) stars as the titular mysterious stranger who exposes people’s secrets, dropping bombshells that will shatter lives.

Jennifer Saunders (‘Absolutely Fabulous’) in her first major dramatic role, plays Heidi, Johanna’s closest friend. She is an outgoing character who is seeking adventure after her daughter leaves for university.

Anthony Head (‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’, ‘Merlin’) portrays as Edgar Price, a successful CEO of a large property development company trying to gentrify a rundown area. Edgar’s world is also rocked when a dark secret from the past is revealed.

Stephen Rea (‘War and Peace’, ‘The Crying Game’) takes on the role of Martin Rinksy, a retired police detective who still has connections in the field. As Adam turns to him for help, the former policeman is soon forced to confront events from the past.

Also starring in the Netflix thriller are Shaun Dooley (‘Ordinary Lies’, ‘Broadchurch’) who takes the role of Doug Tripp, a dedicated family man who detects problems within Adam Price’s household – but does he know more than he’s letting on?; Paul Kaye (‘Game of Thrones’) as John Katz, a man pushed to extremes for the sake of his family; And Kadiff Kirwan (‘Chewing Gum’, ‘Black Mirror’) as Wesley Ross, a young detective constable working alongside DS Griffin, but when Johanna asks Wes to keep an explosive secret, his loyalty is tested.

There is no confirmed release date yet unfortunately, but it finished filming back in August and is set to drop early in 2020

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This looks excellent and a direction I'm very happy to see Netflix heading in. Established and familiar cast and UK based. Can't wait. Trailer hits the spot for me, can't beat a good thriller.

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That's a great tag line:
She wears a cap, she knows things she probably shouldn't. :rotfl:


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Enjoyed the 1st episode.


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True Romance

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Watched this all last night with the Mrs who usally won't sit and watch anything on Netflix. Both thought it was excellent, great cast, good acting and pretty well written. First 6 episodes were fab and kept us guessing and wanting more (,hence watching all 8 in one go) though felt the last two episodes and the final was something of an anti climax. Still a brilliant UK show that's well worth watching. 8/10.


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I’m five in and really enjoying it. For the first episode I wasn’t sure what it was about, maybe something to do with the devil :D

But I’m up with it now, though still something of a mystery about everyday people that’s slowly coming together. Love the two cops and the Northern location, which looks to be around Manchester.


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We finished this today. More twists than the Chub Checker tribute act world championship.

Good tho, 7/10.


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Totally enjoyed this. It’s absolutely batsh*t and the kitchen sink is even in there but it knows it. Great cast too. And boy, Hannah John Kamen


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It’s brilliant, just keeps you wanting more.

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