The Story of Film: An Odyssey (UK Blu-ray July 2021, Mark Cousins) -15 hours of film history heaven


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Have the DVD Steelbook of this and was wondering about a HD release. Attached the PDF index of films mentioned.

I love Mark Cousins so this is a must rewatch (and listen).

One good thing about COVID is someone has redone Visions of Light: The Art of Cinematography in 1080p a work of love and a nice sister production to this. Only ever available until now on a horrific DVD with a truly awful -ironic- transfer. That can be downloaded in full fat 1080p (only place I know) by popping the YouTube link into -just make sure you have sturdy browser security.

We need all this stuff redone in HD.



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Jim Di Griz

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Really irritating voice - anyone who doesnt know, you have been warned!


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Yeah, other people have said the same -if you don't like his voice (Belfastian with a bit of decades of film-watching and London thrown in) this would be impossible to get through. A nightmare in fact.

I don't know where the guy lives now but his accent has become even more listenable.

Nothing better than being on the phone to Vodafone -expecting to get someone in India- and getting through to Northern Ireland I just love the accent for some reason.

Women Make Film.jpg


Thanks for the thoughtful input maybe best to try a darkened room for 15mins :D

Not too sure about his latest project the 14 hour project Women Make Film: A New Road Movie Through Cinema. The narration is listed to several women so maybe it's just them talking which I may like if it has the same tone and beat as Cousins ie he's actually directed them..

UK boxset review






The US release which is ½ the price only has 3 discs whereas the UK set has 4 -that's a lot of compression. for 840mins. I'll go with the UK as I like a jumbo case :D and it has extras.



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The Story of Film UPC: 5027626830748

Network have it listed

£44.99 seems a bit steep from HMV.

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I don't know where the guy lives now but his accent has become even more listenable.
I believe he lives in Edinburgh now. Great to see this get a HD release and thanks for the Visions link. It is rather ironic that both these docs about cinematography had such terrible picture quality.

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That can be downloaded in full fat 1080p (only place I know) by popping the YouTube link into -just make sure you have sturdy browser security.
I didn't have any joy with odownloader for 1080p - perhaps they have changed it recently. It says "large files are not supported in web version". I tried their desktop app in a virtual machine but it wouldn't recognise the YouTube link.

In the end I found another web service (Y2mate) which would grab the 1080p H264 video stream; although it took around an hour to do it. I then used another service to grab the AAC audio and muxed them together into a 2.48GB MKV.


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He's just finished a new doc on the state of film in the 21th century that recently premiered at Cannes



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It's probably not his intention but he always comes across as terribly condescending to me.


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Never found him to be condescending his whole thing for me is talking about great artists. If you mean he shows off, I've not seen that either.

Yes, stopped the 1080p I would recommend people do not install any execution (.exe) files from that site.

I like the look of that new Cousins documentary.

I have hope these old documentaries get a refresh (they need it badly) the movie gods did look down on Los Angeles Plays Itself which looked impossible to be rereleased but it was. A must see for film fans.

That guy who got bored with COVID also did A Personal Journey with Martin Scorsese Through American Movies sadly part 1 is missing but if it reappears I'll post again.

On the subject of how much the film camera loves Los Angeles, I'd highly recommend Network's beautiful book & Blu-ray release of Visual Acoustics about Julius Shulman. Tis only £18.96.


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Story of Film.JPG

Picked this up had a quick shufty through it and it looks amazing.

Other good news is it plays on a US setup with a locked A player.

The bad news is once you leave the menu (choice of subtitles or not only, nothing else) it jumps to some weird 1080i/PAL or something content on the BFI logo (which you don't see) and then jumps to the final end of programme copyright notice and then back to the menu afresh like nothing happened. A constant loop for all 5 discs.

So for people rocking NTSC with a standard setup you might be up **** creek.

Great set otherwise I'm going to have a swim in Mark's voice soon and try and watch the whole thing over a couple of days.

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