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the state of digital satellite

Discussion in 'TV Show Forum' started by mattruston, Dec 23, 2002.

  1. mattruston


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    unfortuatly it seems now and ever more on sky especially that actual programming is taking ever more a back seat. it seems that tv shows are incidental to the adverts and rather than a good 15-20 minutes television between the adverts it seems like there is a bad 10 minutes tv before someone can plug their products. too me this is really sad. i know that commercial television is all about delivering the audience to the advertiser etc but it seems like its getting worse. i cant seem to watch channels without fixed logos in at least two corners, take the box for example. a tv channel where people phone in and vote for their favourite song. they make at least £1.50 off everyone who phones in and there is the box logo in the top left, another box eg "westlife week" in the top right and a scrolling bar along the bottom advertising other songs. its getting terrible. i understand they have to make their revenue but it really seems like instead of actually making programs people would enjoy increasingly digital satellite channels dont care and just slap anything on tv. its all about making money instead of making tv. and for people who dont like paying their license fee, shame on you because the worse that this gets the more the bbc will stand up and be the only tv company that makes shows for the masses and not just for the advertisers. thank god for freeview!
    just my honest opinion :)

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