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Reviewed by Alan Paterson, 19th November 2010.
The multi-Oscar winning movie musical ‘The Sound of Music’ has at last found its way on to UK Region free Blu-ray with an absolutely stonking 1080p AVC/MPEG-4 transfer framed in the 70mm 2.20:1 aspect ratio. The restoration has worked wonders and we now have rejuvenated colour, cracking contrast, delicious detail with a tiny reminder that it was shot on film. The lovingly remixed DTS-HD MA 7.1 surround track brings out the best in the musical numbers. The separation allows you to place each singer sonically in space. Just wait till you hear that pipe organ at the wedding. There is simply so much in the bonus material stakes that even the most ardent fan of the movie can’t fail to be impressed. Even a Singalong version is included. It’s a classic and probably the best, feel good film with the happiest, best songs ever. Julie Andrews, Christopher Plummer and the children steal the audience’s heart with every screening.

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Tight Git

Distinguished Member
I think I must be the only person never to have seen Sound of Music, Cleopatra or ET, but your excellent review leaves me sorely tempted! :)


Well-known Member
I remember my mum making us watch this instead of Planet of the Apes in 1979 when it was shown on TV. Mum was right - probably one of the best filsm of all time. Looking forward to seeing it on BluRay.

Thank you for a great review.


Distinguished Member
Great review. It's an outstanding package especially for the low price. Under a tenner in store at tesco.
Too many expect Toy Story 3 visuals, but what they have done is nothing short of amazing. For a film of it's age it's an incredible top drawer release

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