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Feb 3, 2020
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Our Pre-owned & Ex-display stock list – A little older, a little cheaper, but still a very good buy.

We endeavour to list all items on this space prior to being advertised on other platforms, so as to give AVForums members first refusal on these items.

If you are interested in any of the items
please PM or email us directly at [email protected] or call us on 0131 4666596, rather than replying directly on the thread. This way so we can keep the thread as relevant and concise as possible.

Typically we can email more Hi-Res photos to you upon request.

All items are warranted and checked prior to sale. Items which we are a direct authorised dealer for, can occasionally be re-supplied with a full warranty, supported by us.

Used items are also covered by our 100% 12 Month buy back upgrade program, again, PM or email us for details.

Used & Ex Demo coming soon;

Datasat LS10 Processor - Used
Perlisten R5t - Black - Used
JVC DLA-Z7 - Used
JVC DLA-NX9 - Ex Demo
Davone Meander - Air Play Speaker - Ex Demo
Soulnote P3se Pre Amplifier - Used
Gustard R26 DAC - Used
Melco N1A Streamer - Used
Prima Luna EVO 100 Tube Pre Amplifier - Used
Gryphon Diablo 300 with Phono Module - Used
Magnum Dynlab FM Tuner - Used
Benchmark DAC3B, AHB2, HPA-4 - Used
Still Points Component Stand - Used
Arcam rPlay - Used
NAIM Nova - Used
JL E112 Subwoofer - Used
MK S150 x 3 - Used
Paradigm Persona Sub - Used
Paradigm Prestige Sub1000 - Used
NAD T777v3 - Used
Anthem MRX1140 (4K) - Used
Zappiti NEO - Ex Demo (Includes 2 years R_Volution Subscription)
Zappiti RIP NAS - Ex Demo (Includes 2 years R_Volution Subscription)
Zappiti Reference - Ex Demo (Includes 2 years R_Volution Subscription)
Denon 2500 BT - Blu Ray Transport - Used
Ascendo SMSG24 - 24" Subwoofer - Used

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Screen Innovations Solo Pro 2


Time for another screen review so I need to make some space. Available for sale is our 92" Screen Innovations Solo Pro 2. This unit actually has a silver anodised case rather than the pictures colour which are for reference.

Unique in the world of screens this unit is battery operated, so no need for mains. Charge it up and off you go.

The screen material is 15% ALR so just enough to help with any erroneous light but not enough to cause any distortion.

0.85 Gain - Pure Grey Material - RF Remote

RRP £4499
UK Shipping £40

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Robson Acoustics Centre Speaker



Product - Robson Acoustics Centre Speaker

Condition - Excellent Overall - The unit has some small marks from normal use on the top edge and on the bottom of the unit

Packing - No Original Box & Packing. A suitable replacement will be provided.

Warranty - 1 Year

UK Mainland Shipping £35

Comments - Handmade in the UK, this is a bit of a one off custom design. Unrivalled clarity and a must for anyone with Robson speakers who would like to do multi channel.

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Primare SC15 Prisma


Product - Primare SC15 Prisma - Black

Condition - Fully working condition, this unit has a couple of small marks on it which I have photographed. These are mainly on the edges of the unit and could be touched up with a marker.

Packing - Original double box, packing, power cables, manual & remote. This includes the newer upgraded prisma system remote.

Warranty - 2 Years

RRP - £1450

UK Mainland Shipping £15

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Classe Sigma 2200I Stereo Amplifier


Product - Classe Sigma 2200i Integrated Amplifier - HDMI (v.2.0)

Condition - Overall good condition, this has been used but well looked after.

Packing - Original Box & Packing

Warranty - 6 Months

RRP - £4000

UK Mainland Shipping £25

Comments - Overall excellent condition. Classe were ahead of the game on this one. Fantastic stereo performance with 4K HDMI Inputs.

Lumin IR Remote


Product - Lumin IR Remote Control

Condition - Great condition overall. This is our Ex Demo unit.

Packing - Original Box & Packing

Warranty - 6 Months

RRP - £225

UK Mainland Shipping £10

Comments - IR Remote upgrade for any Lumin device.

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Trinnov Altitude 16 Processor


Product - Trinnov Altitude 16 Processor. Complete with V9 Probe

Condition - Mint condition

Packing - Original Box Packing

Warranty - 4 Years

RRP - £16,240 - £15,545 (unit) £695 (v9 Probe)

UK Mainland Shipping £45

Comments - One of the top units when it comes to cinema reproduction and an amazing stereo hifi pre amplifier. Buy with confidence from the oldest and one of the biggest Trinnov dealers in the country. Also included is our experience and support with the set-up of the unit should you need it, along with remote monitoring and our help for the lifetime of the unit to keep it in great shape.

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Primare Pre35 with Full PRISMA


Product - Primare Pre35 Pre Amplifier - Prisma Streamer & DAC - Black

Condition - Excellent Overall. It does have one small mark which I have pictured.

Packing - Original Box, Packing & Remote

Warranty - 2 Years

RRP - £4000

UK Mainland Shipping £25

Comments - Killer sound and a build quality that a lot of manufacturers can dream of. Class all round. For this price there is no better option for a pre / DAC / streamer combination.

ATC SCM50ASL Active Monitors


We are advertising these on behalf of a customer who is based in Edinburgh. Any enquiries will be passed directly to him.

These are his comments;

I have owned these ATC SCM50ASLs from new and purchased in July 2011.

They have been cherished and lived quietly in my clean, smoke-free house for their entire life. They sound utterly amazing and were the definition of 'end game' for me (I stopped chasing equipment once I got them).

The amps and drivers are all the latest SL spec. They have the 4-bolt SEAS tweeter. The amps, drivers, baffles are all in immaculate condition. They have never been overdriven, damaged, poked, or suffered any harm. The entire baffle and driver unit has been covered up by the ATC grilles for the entire lifetime of the speakers. The drivers, amp, etc. look and function as new.

The cabinets are cherry wood and they are in very good condition. The veneer is a nice warm colour. They have been kept out of the sunshine so the veneer remains uniform. There are a few small marks and some minor surface wear on the top of the cabinets. This is very hard to capture in the photographs. I've tried my best to get it, but it is only visible at certain angles.

The speakers come as I originally received them from the ATC factory: with the original documentation, ATC grilles, and the ATC grille badges (I never fitted these). The stands have been tapped at the factory by ATC to accommodate M6 speaker spikes. I have all the original factory boxes, cloth bags, and packaging.

Home collection is preferred (the speakers are large and extremely heavy). However, since I have the original factory packaging in which the speakers arrived, I could also send them to a UK buyer (at their own risk) via courier, at a price to be agreed after purchase (basically, whatever a reputable, insured courier will charge for this).

REL S/812 Subwoofer


Product - REL S/812 Reference Cinema Hi-Fi Stereo Subwoofer - Gloss Black

Condition - Excellent Overall Condition. This unit has a couple of small marks but nothing major.

Packing - Original box, packing & accessories

Warranty - 1 Year

RRP - £2799

UK Mainland Shipping £50

Comments - Classic REL subwoofer in the current range. The S Series is really where it is at with the REL rage and the 812 is the last one before you get into the really big boys.

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Emotiva XPA-11 11ch Power Amplifier


Product - Emotiva XPA-11 Power Amplifier - 11 Channel Cinema Power Amplifier

Condition - Excellent Overall Condition.

Packing - Original box & packing.

Warranty - 3 Months

RRP - £2799

UK Mainland Shipping £35

Comments - A staple 11 channel amplifier which is fully modular without breaking the bank. A bargain.

Kaleidescape Full System


Product - Kaleidescape DV700, Alto 6TB, Strato 10TB & Co-Star

Condition - Excellent Overall Condition. Some small signs of use but overall excellent condition. Fully tested by us in the office.

Packing - Original box, packing & accessories for the two players and Co-Star. The vault has no box so right now the whole system is collection only in person. Please do not ask us to ship or split the system up, we will not do so.

Warranty - 3 Months

RRP - £15,260

Comments - A full system with DVD, BD Disk vault, 4K Player with 10TB of storage and Alto DVD Player with 6tb storage. Plus Co-Star HDMI switch to make the full system work. Fully tested. Sold by us originally. A rare chance to own a top line system from a fraction of the cost from new.

Lampizator Amber1 DSD USB DAC


Product - Lampizator Amber1 DSD USB DAC

Condition - Excellent Overall Condition. One small mark pictured/

Packing - Original box, packing

Warranty - 3 Months

RRP - £2499

UK Mainland Shipping £25

Comments - A rare chance to own a very highly regarded USB DSD DAC.

T+A DAC 8 DSD Digital Analogue Convertor


Product - T+A DAC 8 DSD - Hi-Fi Stereo Digital Analogue Convertor - RRP £2900

Condition - Excellent Overall Condition.

Packing - Original box, packing & accessories

Warranty - 3 Months

RRP - £2900

UK Mainland Shipping £20

Comments - Overall fantastic condition. A very well respected and reviewed DAC in a nice small form factor.

Lehmann Audio Black Cube II


Product - Lehmann audio Black Cube II Silver High End MM MC Phono Preamp

Condition - Excellent Overall Condition.

Packing - Original box, packing & accessories

Warranty - 2 Years

RRP - £699

UK Mainland Shipping - £15

Comments - A killer phono pre amplifier which lots and lots of flexibly for different carts. Amazing product

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Bryston BP26 Pre Amplifier + MPS-2 Power Supply


Product - Bryston BP26 Pre Amplifier + MPS-2 Power Supply

Condition - 1 Owner from new. Overall good condition with some small signs of normal use. Boxed with cables.

Packing - Original box, packing

Warranty - Balance of 20 year warranty (TBC enquire for details)

RRP - £7500

UK Mainland Shipping £25

Comments - The Bryston BP26 preamplifier offers a significant step forward in capturing the subtleties, nuances, and emotions of recorded music. All aspects of the signal flow are enhanced with lower noise and distortion figures, and higher load levels, offering a rich and vibrant audio experience.

PrimaLuna EVO 100 Tube Pre Amplifier


Product - PrimaLuna EVO 100 Tube Pre Amplifier - Silver - Open Box

Condition - Practically brand new. This was traded in unused from a customer.

Packing - Original box, packing

Warranty - 1 Year

RRP - £2500

UK Mainland Shipping - £25

Comments - Probably on balance one of the better tube product manufacturers.

Ascendo CCMi6p Flat In Ceiling Monitor x 4


Product - Ascendo CCMi6p Flat In Ceiling Monitor x 4

Condition - Ex Demo

Packing - Original box, packing

Warranty - 1 Year

RRP - £729 each - £2916 for four.

UK Mainland Shipping - £20

Comments - Seriously high end low profile in ceiling speakers from one of the best speaker manufacturers around at the moment. Price if for four units.

£1199 for four
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