The Sopranos Series 1 (Digipack) £19.99 at Amazon UK


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What's a Digipack ??


I was tempted, until I compared the R2 Sopranos with the R1 Sopranos....

Rewind Compare

If it was a mediocre show, I'd probably bite, but the 1st season of the Sopranos was so good, I want the best version available. And that looks like the R1 version.


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Got this earlier from Amazon at £20 (did post about it somewhere here)

The R2 release I have seems remarkably similar to the R1 release described by Rewind Compare. In particular the extras are the same, its in widescreen aspect, has audio commentaries and my receiver is getting 5.1 from it (not mentioned on the box though). Also the digipack is inside a snapper box.

Still got it all to watch for the first time. Very much looking forward to it.


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Well mine arrived today :D and despite what dvd compare says it comes in DD 5.1 and widescreen aspect ratio of 1.77:1 16x9

DVD comapare is using the original r2 boxset to compare against, which was 2.0 stereo and full screen.

Hope this information helps sway some people to buy the brilliant series.

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