The Sopranos PAL Series 1 - is it widescreen or not - confused??


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Hi guys,

Im looking to buy the Sopranos box sets and I noticed what appears to be two versions out here in the uK one being Widescreen the other 4:3 ??? is this true or am I worng, is the 1st series or at least the 1st episode only in 4:3??? as ive seen the US version of the series advertised as widescreen?

I just borrowed the first disc from Series 1 and Series 2 from the box set, (from a freind) just to test them out before I buy them and series 1 disc 1 is 4:3, where as series 2 disc 1 is widescreen and I asusme all others are too, but why in hells names is series 1 4:3 ???????

PLay has it down as widescreen >>

yet my mates copy of series one looks like this version......

any help appreciated ppl



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The original series 1 DVD's were 4:3 available individualy or in a box. This is what your mate has.

A re-release (last year I think) had the whole series in a digi pack and widescreen.

Not sure if it has Dolby Digital 5.1 as per the R1 release!


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Thanks for clearing that up mate I thought as much!!!!

sorry to sound noobish but whats "digi pack" mean then is it a company that re-released them or just something added to the title?????


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A digi-pack is the type of case the DVD's come in. It's a plastic tray mounted in a cardboard sleve. Not to be confused with the nasty cardboard snapper cases that warners use:thumbsdow

Some box sets have a number of these that fold out, here are some examples,

Alien R1 Digi-pack

Alien R2 Digi-pack

Hope this helps,



You know some CDs come in a cardboard case, rather than a plastic box? Well, that's a digi-pack.

I have all three of the digipack re-releases, and I can confirm that they are all in widescreen, but only series 3 mentions 5.1 sound. That said, I haven't actually got round to watching them yet.

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