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Picture of my son, Tommy, sitting on a bale of hay in the field at the back of my house

Taken with a Kodak P880
No adjustments, everything set on programme/auto - still learning! :)



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Honey I grew the kid ! :D :D

John 1987

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Great shot, he looks like he his sleeping.


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I think this is my favourite shot so far. I absolutely love it.

The perspective and the low angle make this a mesmirising photo. It could almsot be an advert for kids trainers!!!!


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This picture is probably my favorite this month. When I first saw it I assumed you were using a much more expensive camera.

I think you should do a little work on it, clone out the tree far right, and the prottuding straw at the left, and try to do something with the blown hihlights in the cloud (bit of cloning perhaps). Then get it printed properly and frame it for your wall. It is quite surprinsing to me how good a job you camera did with the exposure, did the flash fire ?

Well done.


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cheers the photo was taken on one of those days were its realy cloudy but occasionaly the sun shines through realy brightly. there was no flash used


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Cheers for all the people who voted for my photo and all the nice comments you posted, it means alot as its my son your talking about.
this is my 1st compitition and i did it so i can show it to my son when he's bigger.

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