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Reviewed by Andrew Mogford, 27th January 2009
I am a fan of the film already, but sometimes it takes another viewing to remind me just how good The Sixth Sense is. It truly is a modern classic, and I would argue it is not a film that relies on its celebrated ending to impress – great acting, perfect pacing, and a clever, emotional story is enough to merit repeat viewings. In fact, the more times you watch it, the more the film gives to you, in terms of revealing its clever structure.

In terms of AV quality, the film has never looked and sounded better, but there are still flaws here. I have had to deduct a mark on the video for the DNR, and also one on the sound for the poor directionality of the mix. The former is a fault of the transfer, whereas the latter is the fault of the original film and could not be improved without some serious remixing which I wouldn’t like to see. However, both flaws should be mentioned.

The extra features are ported over from the Vista series, it is just a shame that the superb packaging hasn’t also transferred.

To sum up, I would recommend The Sixth Sense unreservedly. It deserves a place in anyone’s collection.

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Simon F

Distinguished Member
Just watched the Blu Ray and it seems to have slot of scenes cut.

Simon F

Distinguished Member
Thank you!! I spent a long time last night and this morning trawling the internet trying to find answers. Maybe I just remember the film incorrectly.

I recalled the scene where Cole is locked in the cupboard by the two boys to have more whispering from the ghost inside and also seeing the marks on Cole after he got out.

I also thought the scene where Cole hides in his tent in his room was longer and had more of a scare factor.

It’s a good six or seven years since I last watched it so maybe it’s my memory!?

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