The Simpsons Top Ten (Sky One Tonight 6pm)


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The Simpsons Top Ten (Sky One Tonight 6pm)

"Over the past month, Sky viewers have had the opportunity to vote for their all-time favourite Simpsons episodes from a list of the 30 highest-rating shows screened this year. Today sees the last of the votes being counted, and the results finally broadcast in a five-hour marathon that will have every fan of the animated classic in raptures. Five hours slouched in front of the television? Even Homer would be proud of that?" Daily Mail TV guide

Essential viewing I feel.

This would probably be quiet hard to implement I guess but would it be possible to have an alternative set of smilies of Homer simpson for the forum?!!!! :D Some of his expressions are priceless!


That episode was shown on BBC2 either in June or July. Couldn't believe when I saw it. Despite what happened trajically last year, I still laughed myself silly.


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Originally posted by enajh2
Essential viewing I feel.

Oh please... What's this, perhaps the 60th excuse Sky have invented to put on a load of Simpsons repeats to fill the void and pass by the otherwise devoid-of-quality-programming bank holiday evening? Plus the inevitable DOG telling you it's the Simpsons Top 10.


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Originally posted by Gambit
Mountin Dew? Eeew! give me crab juice.

I love mountain Dew... I got hooked on the stuff and get it imported direct from the USA. It used to be available in the shops over here, but I haven't seen it around for ages... anyway, i get it delivered and it works out at about £1 per can...


That THX intro had me in tears of laughter, truly brilliant!
While I love the Simpsons it does get a bit tedious seeing the same episodes in a short space of time. Several of the top 10 were on in the last 2 weeks i'm sure.

Phil Hinton

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Lucus was that impressed with the THX gag that he asked them to re do it for use as a real THX Intro for the Cinema. Saw it at Star City once very funny on the big screen.


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hallowen number 5 was number 1.

He goes back in time via his toaster, and it rains donuts....classic


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Did not get chance to see the Top Ten. Anybody got a list of them.


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This is what I could muster from the Simpsons newsgroups:-

26-Aug 18:00 Homer and Apu
26-Aug 18:30 Homer the Heratic
26-Aug 19:00 The Last Temptation of Homer
26-Aug 19:30 Bart's Inner Child
26-Aug 20:00 Blame it on Lisa
26-Aug 20:30 Whacking Day
26-Aug 21:00 Burn's Hier
26-Aug 21:30 Homer the Moe
26-Aug 22:00 [One of the three below perhaps]
26-Aug 22:30 Halloween #5

Brawl In The Family
Secrets Of A Successful Marriage
Homer's Triple Bypass

One of these three may be the same as those in the top list! I don't follow the titles - episode runs closely enough myself to ever make note of them!!

Will this do for you?! There's naff all on the web or the Sky One page.

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