The Simpsons: Season 20 Blu-ray Review

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Reviewed by Mark Botwright, 28th January 2010
The Simpsons remains something of a favourite of mine. Despite all the missteps and seasons that have seemed to indicate the decline of a once loved show, it still manages to raise a smile and even the odd belly laugh. The fact that every viewer has their own opinion as to which episodes are good or bad surely indicates how much of a subjective matter judging comedy is. The fact that Groening and co have crafted one of the most extensive character lists perhaps in broadcasting history means that no matter which figure happens to be your favourite, there are likely to be episodes in every season that will tickle you simply because of their protagonists.

The discs themselves are similarly divisive and pleasing, with an image quality that varies and a sound mix that almost defines the term capably efficient. The lack of extras drags this set down a touch more, simply because it emphasises the feeling that this was perhaps a rush job of sorts. It would have been nice if the extremely long run time were split over more discs, with a few extras and greater attention paid to the upconversion, but ultimately this is a comedy and whether you buy it will likely rest on how much you want to see The Simpsons series displayed in 1080p with lossless audio and quite how highly you rate the comic antics of Matt Groening’s creation.
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