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Right -

Being a TOTAL newbie to plasma far removed from the world of technology of Home Cinema and reading hundreds of threads. Literally!!

I have decided to retrace my decision process to help others that may be able to benefit from it.

1) Decided to rush out and buy Tiny - straight off - did not do any research. Fortunately for reasons too long winded to go into here - that option did not materialise. (nothing to do with Tiny Service).

- Conclusion: things happen for a reason, I have seen very few threads in this and other forums actually complimenting the Tiny product which I was assured had no problems and (psssst was built on Samsung panels anyway). No comment.

2) Stumbled around on the internet - flood of information and stumbled into this forum. (after dabbling a bit in ******).

- Conclusion: there are many forums out there - look around and you will find they more or less say the same thing - but AVForums seems to be the most diverse I have come across so far. - and no I do not work for AV Sales.

3) Went to Dixons/PCWorld/Comet to review a number of screens. LG Panasonic Tiny. Received a mix of good and bad service. Comet believe it or not were about the best (and they currently have a good special on the LG 42") - Almost bought the LG 42 ", but saw one or two problems materialising in the threads about "running green dots" and a couple of items on getting the LATEST panel - Nov 2004 nbot June 2004 etc - scared me off. And plus it always scares me when shops start discounting products (end of range and so on).

Also - could not get a REAL demo from any of these shops - I had seen re-runs of Finding NEMO/Shark Tale/and Shrek more times than I wish to remember. Could not see enough of sport and real life video. And - also met a couple of very interesting sales people - I mean - guys - come on if hyou want to get someone to sell a product - get them to know what they are talking about - some of the sales people new even LESS than I did.

4) Sent a whole lot of messages to a particular member of the AV Forums group - THANKS HD. I still owe you the VBeer - on its way.

5) Decided on Panny 7. Simple setup with Plasma connected to JS Converter (Scart to VGA) running out of a Pioneer VXSC502 AMP - into which my Sky+ and DVD is plugged (well that is the plan anyway). All in all 3 Scart leads, 1 VGA to VGA, oh also a couple of speakers. Placed order this morning - now expecting delivery.

So all those people that are extremely confused about all of this - like I was - at the end of the day - lets see if these forums and the so called Internet - lives up to expectations. Oh and lets check out AV-Sales service at the same time - will keep you posted. :thumbsup:


One thing I forgot to ask.

I still need to get a JS Converter - are there other makes/models out there that are as good.

My problem is I want to go to the shops - but NOBODY can tell me where to find a JS Technologies "shop" - other than over the internet.

Any ideas?


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I've got a PW6 and Pioneer VSX C502 and its a great setup.

The JS Tech thingie can't be found in a shop, you can either get it direct from JS Technology themselves or AV-sales for £8 more. Personally I got mine from AV-sales with a wall mount and had no problems. Their wall mount is top notch BTW.


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A couple of select shops and retailers do carry JS products, Piers and MAW both hold as do Joe and Gordon if you are in scotland, it tends to be Custom Installers that know about this sort of thing not your average high street retailer............


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out of interest why are you happy to buy a plasma on line but for a £120 converter you need to buy in a shop?....just curious as you have clearly thought this whole thing* glad you avoided the tiny mate! :)


Ok - guys - to clear things up - no problem with buying online. Just running out of time (Panny arriving Thursday) and thought it would be quicker to pop in and buy one on the way home.


Whowwwoooo. What service - so far. Delivery guy arrived at 08:00 this morning. Had just enough time to assemble the stand and mount the Panny. BUT HAD TO GO TO WORK - aaaaah. So had to rush out and pick up a Scart to VGA Converter (on the way to work) am now sitting at work - cannot wait for end of day to rush home and test.


BOY was it a long day. And eventually I got home.


WOW. Outstanding advice - from all those who helped me make my decision.

The Panny 7 is outstanding - I did not want to tempt fate by saying that - but it truly is . My fears about clarity and resolution were laid to rest when I was able to watch Middlesborough (I am not a supporter) last night on the "Big" screen.

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