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Well all this years games are announced, we have the beta stage over the next couple of months and then they will actually be released. The silly season will commence at the end of August so how does your gaming calendar look? Here is mine:

Tomorrow: Splatoon 2 never played it looking forward to it, will probably continue ARMS as well
August 25th: Unchartered & COD Beta will take me through until
Sept 6th: Destiny 2 loved the beta of this played it to death
Sept 14th: PES 2018 not a massive football gamer but haven't played one for ages, a break from shooters
Oct 18th: Gran Tourismo Sport I do like a racer
Oct 27th: Mario Odyssey in between gran tourismo and the next title this will be my mobile game of choice
Nov 3rd: COD WW2 - really excited about this, think it'll be brilliant
Dec: Destiny DLC? I've probably got enough games now

The ones I'm giving a miss/waiting to see how it pans out
Assassins Creed - Got bored of these a while ago, played Black Flag and that was good, this one also looks good but I suspect it'll be repetitive - one to wait for reviews, it'll also probably drop in price quick so maybe one for the gaming drought in the new year
Star Wars Battlefront - loved the first one but suspect foul play with the free DLC, will it be pay to win? What is the deal with the special edition. Need to know what is going on but will pick up for the singleplayer at some point, don't know if I'll be able to hold out with all the star wars hype in december.
Mario & Rabbids - I'm sure its great if you like that sort of thing, doesn't appeal to me
Crackdown 3 - while it pains me not to get this I've sold my Xbox One to get a PS4 Pro and can't see the value in X1X atm. I also suspect it might be not very good. Things have moved on since Crackdown 1, guess I might get it on pc if it gets cheap
Forza 7 - as above I would buy it but I'm Xboxless so I'm going GT instead, might buy it for pc eventually
Wolfenstein - I'll get this on sale for the PC at some point, I'm going COD instead of this
FIFA - not being a football fan the high price of preorders scares me
Need for Speed Payback - all recent titles have been extremely shallow and the graphics uninteresting this one looks no different
Project Cars 2 - never got on with the first, luckily I was an early backer which was quite profitable but certainly not bothered about the second
Evil Within 2 - haven't even played the first one yet
Middle Earth Shadow War - never liked the first one much so not bothered about the second one
Pokken Tournament DX- I have no idea what it is so won't be buying it

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