The Shining: Redux


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Bizzare :confused: :D :clown: :smoke:


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A great fake trailer.
Send a few like this before, its amazing waht a bit of creative editing can do :D

This is what the proper trailer looks like

Did you ever see a trailer for a movie, and have a suspicion that the movie would be very different? Or worse, have you been to see the movie, and finally understood just how much they twisted the truth when making the trailer? Well, a contest for making purposefully misleading trailers produced this gem: Shining, which turns The Shining into a heartwarming movie about a boy and his dad.

More about the trailer is at The Shining Redux on The Tattered Coat.​


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I don't know aboout the rest of you but I found this a more frightening proposition then the original trailer/nay film. I predict a 2007 release scripted by Chris Weitz and directed by Nora Ephron.

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