The Shield - any views?



I see the first season of this has been released on DVD. I've never heard of it but I like all the american cop shows I've seen and I wondered if it was worth getting hold of a copy.

It's only 4:3 and Dolby 2.0 stereo which puts me off a bit though!

Has anyone seen this or know if it's any good? Or maybe it's coming on tele soon?




I stuck with the first few on Five but soon lost interest.

All seemed a little too gritty and obvious for it's own good.


OK, thanks. Shows I should never assume there is nothing on Five worth watching, on the other hand, perhaps I was right!



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Personally, I think "The Shield" was truly fantastic US TV. Yes, it is gritty, adult, and sometimes disturbing, but that was what was so great!

The show was made in 4:3 as far as I know, so all DVD versions will be in the same ratio.


P.S. You're comment about Channel 5, is a tad unfair, as they have given UK viewers some of the best in US dramas. Their new shows for 2003, include "Boomtown", "CSI Miami", "CSI - Season 3", "Law And Order", "Law And Order: Special Victims Unit", and "The Shield - Season 2".

If anything, Channel 5 is superior to Channel 4!


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I loved The Shield. Like 24 definitely a TV show worth owning on DVD. Fabulous gritty drama - thank God the days of Kojak and Cagney and Lacey are long gone.


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I never thought this would happen, but The Shield has supplanted NYPD Blue as my all-time favourite cop show.

I would describe it as the Sopranos of cop shows.

Incredible acting and writing.

Why can't the UK produce drama of this calibre? Anything the BBC/ITV produce is either suitable for my grandma or explicit, but badly written.


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I loved 'The Shield' and am anticipating with relish season 2.
It almost compensates for the lack of NYPD Blue.
I have also fairly recently discovered on Five 'Law and Order' and 'CSI', both brilliant,IMHO.



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lost interest in the shield after the first few, character development was forced and felt it was shocking for the sake of it.
Why do people think channel five's new line up is so great? it's just imported cop shows. I never watch five anymore.


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The reason I watch Five, is because all of the US cop series that it shows, simply outweigh almost every single UK show on any of the other channels!

When the UK churns out totally mindless drivel like "Pop Idol", or "Blind Date Live" or whatnot, the US offers adult viewers intelligent, cleverly written, entertaining and brilliant dramas. When was the last time you saw a genuinely intelligent, entertaining and brilliant drama that came even remotely close to most of the US's greatest output, that was made by and starred UK people?! For me, it was ITV's "Cracker", back in 1993! The BBC has given us "Messiah", but that doesn't really count as it was a mini-series!

All the BBC and ITV can offer us, is mainly medical shows (that are slow and boring), junk starring ex-soap actors, more soap-operas, or retreads of period dramas. At least the USA can offer something worth watching!



Have to agree with PoochJD and other fans of 'The Shield' definitely worth coming back from the pub to watch it. CSI works the same for me.

Some of the story lines are a bit far fetched but hey against 'Midsomer Murders' or other Brit drivel no comparison IMHO :)

Yer pays yer money etc :)



I totally agree with PoochJD.

The Shield was compelling drama that just got better and better and set against the cheap pointless pap that is now the output of the BBC & ITV (anyone see latest Robson Greene rubbish last night) shows the state of most TV production in the UK.

Shame The Shield DVD set isn't widescreen, 5.1 etc however.

Roll on new Shield, CSI, Law and Order, NYPD Blue, ER (Started), West Wing, Sopranos (one episode left!) etc




I am truly sorry but I have to even stop you at 'ER' you cannot be serious.

Having said that I have just come back from the pub and I have to admit George Cloony does'nt look half bad. I must be pi***d 'scuse my language.


7ThGuest :)


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7TH Guest,

You say that: "I am truly sorry but I have to even stop you at 'ER' you cannot be serious"

ER is probably the best medical drama series ever seen.

If you want to see why, check out any of the following episodes, and you'll see why it is so popular with viewers, and with the critics as well:

Season 1
1-01 Pilot Episode (2 parts or a 90 minute special)
1-20 Love's Labor Lost
1-26 Everything Old is New Again

2-03 Do One, Teach One, Kill One
2-07 Hell and High Water

Season 3
3-08 Union Station
3-22 One More For the Road

Season 4
4-01 Ambush
4-03 Friendly Fire
4-04 When the Bough Breaks
4-07 Fathers and Sons
4-16 My Brother's Keeper
4-17 A Bloody Mess
4-18 Gut Reaction
4-19 Shades of Gray
4-20 Of Past Regret and Future Fear
4-21 Suffer the Little Children
4-22 A Hole in the Heart

Season 5
5-11 Nobody Doesn't Like Amanda Lee
5-14 The Storm (Part 1)
5-15 The Storm (Part 2)

Season 6
6-06 The Peace of Wild Things
6-09 How the Finch Stole Christmas
6-13 Be Still My Heart (Part 1 of 3)
6-14 All in the Family (Part 2 of 3)
6-22 May Day

Season 7
7-01 Homecoming (a.k.a. Indian Summer)
7-11 Rock, Paper, Scissors
7-18 April Showers
7-21 Where the Heart Is (a.k.a. Taking Care, a.k.a. Mea Culpa)
7-22 Rampage

Season 8
8-03 Blood Sugar Sex Magic
8-08 Partly Cloudy, Chance of Rain
8-11 Beyond Repair (Part 3 of 3. Conclusion of Season 6 story!)
8-14 A Simple Twist of Fate (a.k.a. Seven Sinners)
8-16 Secrets and Lies
8-19 Brothers and Sisters
8-20 The Letter
8-21 On the Beach
8-22 Lockdown (Part 1 of 2)

Season 9
9-01 Chaos Theory (a.k.a. Unknown Origin) (Part 2 of 2)
** This episode will be on on Sunday 12th Jan 2003, on E4, at 9pm and then a late-night 1am repeat! **



Pooch I bow to your superior knowledge :blush:

However, Having looked at clooney without beer goggles I must beg to differ and go with my original position ;)

7ThGuest :)


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Have to go with the majority here. Started watching CSI then discovered The Shield and 'Law & Order' - couldn't believe such a strong line up (I'd never watched 5 before).

Spookily I also concur with above comments on NYPD Blue, ER, Sopranos, Six feet under etc - I beginning to think I must fit some kind of standard DVD-user profile (Grissom would know).


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AFAIK 'The Shield' was made on a very low budget and was a huge hit in the States ... never missed an episode myself. My other Channel 5 fave is CSI.


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