the Shawshank redemption.......any good?


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Saw it today in HMV sale for about £7/£8ish.......never seen it.Is it any good.
Btw..i am a Morgan Freeman,but like a film with a story to Seven.

Going back tomorrow.....Yes or No?


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Very Very good but you can find it in woolworths for £4.99 I think and in MVC for about the same of a £ more.:)

Squirrel God

A fantastic movie. Don't buy the R2 however - it's a bad transfer. Get the R4 or the R1. :)


Originally posted by paulr
Is it any good.

is it any good???? surprised you managed to escape all the praise that has been heaped on this film since its release.

its a great film and i'm sure 78887 other people would agree (from :)



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yeah, good enough for £8,

don't worry, it is not as heavy a drama as the dvd case would have you think,

it is actually a fun, interesting, nay enjoyable film...


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Ok,thanks guys,....i cant imagine how i missed it all this time.
Woolies £4.99 eh...
As for the region coding,i guess all UK retail stores just stock r2.



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Channel 4 did a poll last year of the 100 greatest films - I think Shawshank Redemption came third.
Personally I would highly recommend it, gripping from start to finish. ;)


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One of my all time favourites. It's one of those films I'd like to be able to watch for the first time again.
If you see what I mean.


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absolutely fantastic film, it's one of morgan freeman's best, can't praise this film highly enough... but I thought everyone had seen it:eek:


Active Member would recommend it then:p .....:D

I shall now go forthwith and purchase said product:)


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Just finished watching it.............i'll give it 7.5/10.Not the greatest film i've ever seen,and to say its the third best film ever is a bit ott,but still a very good film.
I think the second half of the film is definately better than the first half.

As SG says though,not great quality,it seemed a bit dark to me,......but for £4.99 ,hey what the hell.

Cheers guys:)

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