The Rutles: All You Need Is Cash

Discussion in 'Movie Forum' started by Setenza, Sep 5, 2002.

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    Once again a quintessential british product is given better treatment abroad than it is in the UK.

    TR:AYNIC is a wonderful "mockumentary" on the carreer or the Pre-Fab Four (who bare a striking resemblence to another scouse foursome), for those who do not know.

    The songs are excellent and the whole tone of the satire is spot on.

    Yet once again, you can by an indiffrent R2 copy that has stereo sound, no extras, poor picture quality. Or purchase the re-mastered R1 version that has commentary by Eric Idle, deleted scenes, some excellent text biographical data, and a new 5.1 soundtrack. Okay the source material was a 16mm print but all things being equal, Rhino Home Video have done the best they can with whats available. The link below has more details.

    DVD comparison

    It breaks my heart to see so many great british products being given such lacklustre treatment on their native soil. You would think that the writers/directors would speak out. I know the Python team did this recently try to deter people from buying the Paramount release of "Life Of Brian", but this is an exception to the rule. Look at the differences between R1 & R2 version of "The Young Ones" and "Black Adder".

    What ever happened to the customer always being write and the market being driven by the consumer?

    PS Not only is this the longer version of TR:AYNIC, but you still get the classic Dan Ackroyd "a**hole gag.

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