The Running Man


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Has anyone got the new DVD of this cool Arnie flick yet? I really want to get this but I would like to know whether its the original cut or is it the 'hacked-for-all-of-Europe' cut like the Predator flicks? I only ask as the IMDB states that 10 minutes is cut out of the German version. :eek:


if you mean the one at play it's only DD2.0-non-anamorphic and has no photo gallery-have sent mine back.


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The transfer isn't just non anamporphic, the picture is very soft aswell, enough moaning, I'm just glad it came out on DVD at all... and it was cheap from play.


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But is the movie actually cut?:confused:


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Wow. A 12yr old thread bump. Impressive! Seeing this as part of a 6 film marathon at the PCC in October. Cant wait!


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Thank god, I thought this thread was new and a remake was on the horizon.

Ironically this has aged well in terms of the future predictions of TV but . . . . .

No more remakes please!

Rambo John J

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I remember going to watch this at the cinema when it was released back in the 1980's. It's still a lot of fun now, especially with all the spandex, the opera singing baddie dressed in xmas tree lights, and Arnie's awesome stick-on beard. Good stuff :thumbsup:

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