The Running Man 4K Blu-ray Review & Comments


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Thanks for the review. I got this a couple of weeks ago after being on the fence. Definitely worth it and fabulous picture quality. Classic Arnie and great trip down memory lane
Have you watched the blu ray release of this film? If so, how do you think it compares? If it has HDR, I expect that's probably the main selling point. The review mentions it's the same 7.1 soundtrack. I bought the blu ray steelbook, but do love this film, so trying to justify spending the same again for the third round, shiny version of this film I'll have bought 🙃
I always struggle to justify these greedy markups above £20 for yet another release of a film. I can just about justify a £20 purchase of a single film on physical media but anything above that I think of as a cash grab. It's also really annoying when you look 6 months later and it's fallen in price. That being said I did buy the Lord of the Rings on 4k for £75 which is the third time I bought those films.
I think what's happened here, from what the review and other sites say, it was remastered by this German studio Capelight. I imagine they're trying to recoup the costs and turn over some profit. It seems to be the way these things are done now, since big studios aren't remastering as many films. There's a Robocop 4k coming out soon that was remastered by another company called Arrow.
Definitely going to buy this but Id rather wait for a UK release. And I prefer it to some other Arnie films like True Lies, Last Action Hero or Red Heat for example. Great 80s nonsense!
I wonder if there will be one. It was remastered by a German studio and this is the only 4k version that exists. I don't know enough about these things but if there was going to be a US release for example, wouldn't that have already happened? It seems to me now that loads of these films only exist in a Euro release.

I recently bought a blu ray of "The Wraith" that had spanish, german and italian releases (plus US, but region locked), but no UK. Another cheesy 80s film I'm currently eyeing is "License to Drive", no UK release, just a spanish and german one. It's really odd how these films are mastered and released like this.
Yeah, a society with massive wealth divides that watch extreme violence and gamble on reality television, while the corporations and the media control the minds of the subdued lower classes through constant surveillance and massive encroachments on personal privacy.

Phew, thank God that didn't happen...


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But is that for a standard release, or a small studio release like this one, or a mediabook/steelbook?

Granted, most standard releases are around £20, but some hit the £25 mark, for example, Ghostbusters Afterlife recently.

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