The Rock Reg 2 special Edition( is it uncut)?

Dave H

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Hi I am thinking of buying this DVD but I know the original Reg 2 was cut.
do you know if this is uncut the same as the Criterian ( spelling ) version.
cheers Dave.


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He's right. I had only seen it on TV before and there is violence in there I have not seen before.

Squirrel God

Originally posted by Marv
spoiler removed by Lex :)
Be nice if the spoiler itself wasn't on the same line as the damn spoiler warning :(

I haven't seen it yet as Play are still arseing about with my order, but luckily that doesn't appear to be too bad a spoiler. :rolleyes:

Don't do it again though PLEASE :mad:


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Marv was trying to use the spoiler tag from that other site. Looks like it doesn't work here yet. It will do soon when Spectre gets it going.:D Then all us spoilerphobics will be happy.


I have this on NTSC laserdisc, but have bought the R2 C.E. DVD for its picture quality. Also the DTS soundtrack (which is OK).

And I can tell you that this DVD is uncut.


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