The Road Warrior Blu-ray Review

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      An absolute classic.

      A career milestone for both Mel Gibson and George Miller and a wholly defining moment for the action genre, Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior is still unequivocally the best and most exciting exhibition of motor-mayhem yet committed to film. It is also a brave triumph of how such an utterly threadbare screenplay can also give birth to one of the greatest screen presences of the last few decades. What Gibson accomplished here with only a handful of lines and three nearly aborted and practically hidden smiles is the stuff of cinematic legend. For pure auto-adrenaline, look no further.

      The Road Warrior’s arrival on Blu-ray may be scuppered by a dearth of special features, but the improvement in the image goes a long way to making up for it. Quite simply, I’ve never seen the film look this good – and I was lucky enough to have caught this and its predecessor on a special cult-night double-bill at the flicks a good few years ago. But I would have preferred a little more effort put into creating a more immersive audio mix. However, until a future triple-pack of all three movies with all the bells and whistles attached comes out – probably around about the time that part 4 finally arrives – this is still the one to get. The movie scrubs up well and is still as fresh as the day it was released.

      Nigh on essential, as far as I am concerned So the package gets an overall 9 from me … the film and its visual improvement is definitely worth it.

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