The reciever bit of your reciever.

Do you use your AVR's radio?

  • I regularly use the radio

    Votes: 19 26.4%
  • I connected, tuned it and sometimes use it

    Votes: 20 27.8%
  • Connected it but the aerial has since come down

    Votes: 6 8.3%
  • It has a radio?

    Votes: 27 37.5%

  • Total voters

Ed Selley

AVF Reviewer
Whilst dutifully watching the Grand Prix (got me out of mowing the lawn for a bit) I idly noticed the RDS logo on the front of my amp and remembered that the thing has a radio in it. So in fact have my previous three receivers. And I've never plugged them in or used them. This has naturally led me to ask the question, Am I abnormal? (wouldn't be the first time) or are most of us ignoring this feature?


Standard Member
I use it quite regularly. It's actually quite good on my amp, and I like listening to XFM when I wake up.


I just voted for the 'connected but since fallen out' option and it is now 4 votes for all the options!
I did use the radio in the past, but have not had it on for at least a year now. I was behind the system playing with the cabling and noticed the arial cable was laying on the floor, so just as well I wasn't trying to get reception.



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I listen to the radio on my Denon every weekday in the morning. Listen for traffic around the M1 and keeps the kids off the cartoon network while getting ready for school.


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I hardly ever use the radio what-so-ever on my yammy I now have or on my old pioneer. I have always connected the radios just for completeness in case I get a sudden urge :D

PC Nut

Active Member
Get rid of the radio and bring the price down or put a more usefull feature in place.

Ian J

We used to use the tuner aspect of the receiver much more before Sky Digital came along with it's hundreds of radio stations.

Having upgraded from a receiver to an amp 18 months ago I bought a seperate tuner which we hardly ever listen to.

Sometimes we listen to Heart FM whilst eating as the Sky version is the London one and there is nothing more aggravating than listening to the London news, weather and traffic reports when you are fourtunate enough not to have to live iin the region so we listen to Midlands Heart instead.


Novice Member
Good topic - I am currently wanting to upgrade my AMP/Receiver (Yamaha RX592) and have never used the tuner.

So, when buying all the mags and reading reviews I am looking at both Amps and Amp receivers. All reviews and comparisons treat them as two spearate products and therefore don't often compare amps with amp receivers. This makes my job a bit more difficult when all I'm really interested in is the AMP. Although to be fair most in my price range are amp/receivers

As they are home cinema amps wouldn't a TV tuner (analogue or digital) be more use ?


Distinguished Member
I listen to the radio all the time!, quicker and easier, although not as good quality, as the radio channels on Freeview.

Ed Selley

AVF Reviewer
Hooray- looking at the results, I'm not abnormal (at least in the context of AVR tuner use).


A (sony) sky box from ebay will pick up more and better sounding radio channels without a subscription than any included tuner or DAB tuner.

I haven't used the built in tuner for years. In fact I've only just noticed I haven't got one any more!

(The sony digibox had the digital out sound).


Novice Member
I miss the tuner on my amplifier, the almost identical American model has one. :(

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