The Real Story Of Captain Bligh

Discussion in 'TV Show Forum' started by Garrett, Mar 28, 2002.

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    Once again it looks a if truth has not got in the way of a story. Tuesday night I watched The Real Story Of Captain Bligh. First off at the time of the journey he was a Lieutenant, the ship was not a navel ship, his quarters were extremely small, he flogged his men less than other commanders of ship, prefering to give a good tongue lashing. At each port of call he bought fresh fruit and veg to prevent scruffy( was know for not having scurvy on his ships), he did sell some bread rations to make money for it, and did make a bit for himself, but this bit was standard practice. The trouble came when they left the islands to deliver the breadfruit, he threw a wobble and wrongly accused Christian of cowardice and later when some rations were stolen, of theft. Also unlike the film Christian did not die trying to stop the Bounty from being burned, but was killed by a fellow mutineer who wanted his woman.

    Can anyone remember what was the similar story done in the same presentation on Ch4 last year, but in that some of the crew that went with the captain were still found guilty of mutiny.

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