The Rain People (Francis Ford Coppola, Robert Duvall, James Caan)


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I have the -quite nicely transferred- US DVD-R (yes, it's burned on disc) of what I think is Coppola's greatest small film. It's wonderful from start to finish.

It was the film that started his severe money problems but the good news is he's been working on the 16mm print and it's getting a viewing with The Outsiders at the weekened apparently.

I think this is still a Warner property (unless he's bought it back recently with George Lucas who co-owned their bankrupt company) so it could end up with Criterion rather than StudioCanal pricing it like it's a gold brick.

Hopefully I'll be back soon with reports of an amazing Blu-ray release.

If you've not seen The Rain People take a look and you may just wonder to yourself why Coppola didn't make small more personal films like it although Tetro was really enoyable.

I hear he will be at Telluride this weekend to unveil restored versions of his films The Rain People, and The Outsiders: The Complete Novel. After doing the work and feeling at peace with those past great films, as Coppola holds court at that festival, I expect the dominant conversation will be about how he is looking forward, toward Megalopolis.



Legal note from Giuliani, Parnas & Fruman LLC:

Mr Coppola has confirmed he is not working on the director cut of Jack at this time.

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