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Sep 10, 2003
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Watched this for the first time recently and I thought it was a great film. My missus (as usual) didn't like it, and none of my mates i've spoken to have even heard of it.

I wonder what everyone else thinks about it?

Personally I thought it was the only film i've seen Fraser do anything approching "acting" in, and though Caine was sublime.

Not to mention the cinematography and the interesting storyline.

a big :smashin: from me!
I reviewed it a while back - see here
I saw it at the cinema and loved it. Great cinematography, acting and a good story.
Not to mention the pretty newcomer Do Thi Hai Yen. Highly recommended.

BTW: this is a remake though I haven't seen the original one.
I enjoyed it and regard it as one of the better and more insightful Vietnam films. Agree that it is probably Fraser's best role- a nice portrayel of the "white suited" CIA men of the 50's and 60's who fought one of the most remarkably underhand campaigns in history- United Fruit anyone?
I got it for less than a tenner from play :smashin:

Haven't bought anything from them in ages, some good deals in their bargain basement!

I think it's great!
This sounds identical to that other Michael Caine film The Honorary Consul made in 1983 and also adapted from a Graham Greene Novel and co-starring Richard Gere and Bob Hoskins.
Fraser is extremely good in this movie but in my opinion was equally as good in 'Gods and Monsters'
I thought this was highly overrated by the critics tbh. Sounds like I'm in the minority here though...;)
Found the Dutch 2 disc DTS version of this at: Has anybody got this version? Is the DTS worth it and also what is the original (1958) version (also contained in this set) any good?

I liked this film a lot. Its £7.99 on Play, but this version is €21.99 (~€24.49 inc p&p). Might just go for the Dutch pone unless anyone has anything bad to say about it :)
Dutch versions tend to have burnt in subtitles, so it might be worth reconsidering mate.
Got this (the Dutch version) from yesterday. Took less than a week from ordering to delivery. It was a bit pricey, but the Dutch subtitles are not burnt in.

The DTS adds a litte to the explosions etc. but not much else.

Highlight though has to be the extras on the '58 film version's disc. There are 3 trailers for some Italian films (looks like 70's films) that would appeal to fans of farting (and bodily functions in general) and european-arthouse nudity. Bizarre!!!! :blush: :blush:

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