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Sep 9, 2000
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just watched this trailer on a dvd and it doesnt look good at all,basicly it doesnt look dark enough,it should be ultra violent etc but i think this will struggle to be better than the dolph lungren version!!!by the way the trailer was on house of the dead which was really really bad.

at least Hellboy is looking excellent...
That trailer is also on the Apple trailers website.

Seems a bit dire.
On April 16th, A new superhero flick from Marvel Comics will come out and it stars Thomas Jane as the Punisher. Jane Plays an FBI agent who has his life turned upside down after the murder of his family and decided to be a one man war against crime. Judging from the trailers the film looks promising.

Are you excited to see the Punisher???
Two trailers for them here and here ;)

John I'm longing for X3 as well roll on 2006
On the plus side , it can't be any worse than Dolphs early nineties effort.Can it ?
I have fond memories of the Mark Goldblatt version. It had an insane body count. Been trying to track it down on DVD for a while.

I'm hoping the new version is suitable gratutitous in it's content.
It's just got an 18 certificate and is uncut. Whoopdy doo etc.
Anyone know a release date yet ? is it likely to get released on dvd in the US before a cinema release over here ( I know its already on gen release over there) :hiya:
11th June according to the IMDB.
I have just seen it and unfortunately it is awfull.....Kevin Nash is a bad russian hit man,,, and he only follows an even worse Jonny Cash style one , and they both find him at the same address!!!! he didnt even have the sense to move ...and his neighbours (who all know who he is) are unbelievable bad losers...John Travolta in another bad movie......And i am a HUGE Punisher fan, bring back Dolph :(
I went to see it the other night, I know it was a Monday in St Louis, but me being the only one in the Cinema should have said something to me.

I have to say it's probably one of the dullest films I've seen for a while, it's supposed to be a good action romp, far from it, it's too slow especially in the middle, and there are scenes straight out of the A-Team, music with no dialog where he builds his reinforced car, and polishes his weapons. If you really have a choice - see something else - not sure when it's on in England, just hope it's not on on the plain back

BTW also just seen Man on Fire - Denzil Washington, way way better
Originally posted by johnscarlet
On the plus side , it can't be any worse than Dolphs early nineties effort.Can it ?

From the reviews I've read, this new one is 100 times worse than the original with Dolph. (which I actually enjoyed)

I wouldn't even go to a cinema that was showing this on another screen, as you might get bad movie shrapnel from being in the same building as this bomb. :p
For fans of the 1989 Dolph Lundgren version, I recently picked up a Dutch R2 DVD on the GM Productions label. I'm not even sure if it is a legitimate dotributor. The packaging is very poor and the souyrce copy of the film is VHS! However, it is a full uncut version presented in 1:85:1 ratio. It has footage not found in the US and UK version.

The film was cut to accomodate a US "R" rating and then cut further by over a minute in the UK by the BBFC. What they did was reduce the attention to detail in the fight scenes and remove some of the weapons used. For example, there m ight be 3 head butts in a fight and this would be cut to just one. Plus some of the obscure oriental throwing weapons and the knives in shoes were deleted.

This copy is very poor picture quality, but is still watchable and can be acquired for about 9-10 Euros. What I have done is bought a US version and put it in a double Amray case with the Dutch uncut copy. I'm sure if the uncut print was submitted to the BBFC today, it would pass without any question.

The full and uncut 4:3 version was on Five about 5-6 weeks ago. The print was in pretty good nick, considering, but the film was mediocre.

I had high hopes for this new version, but from the sound of things, it seems that that just isn't going to be the case. :(

The Dutch copy is the same version as the US/UK theatrical release with the trimmed violence restored. There were no extra scenes that I had not seen before in the version that I have.

If you have any details of the extended work print, such as a link to a web site that describes the extra scenes, I'd be very interested.
I find the funniest "cut" the bit where Dolph shoots up the casino:

the BBFC cut loads out of Lundgren shooting up slot machines because it was a "glamorisation of weaponry" (and hence against their guidelines).

Rambo III was cut for the same reason, wasn't it?

Ah well, I have very fond memories of Dolph sitting begrimed in the nude bemoaning the lack of "punishment" of the "guilty". I've still got an old Dutch ex-rental VHS.

And as a big Jeroen Krabbé fan I'll watch anything he's in :)
Right, time to resurrect a thread.

I recently bought the 1989 version with Dolph Lundgren, R1 on the Artisan label. It has all the scenes with the martial arts weapon intact. Cuts are as follows. Ironically enough they're in the UK version, but then that had so much more missing.

Bullet to the head and the splat to the wall when the mafiosa types are all poisoned in the restaurant.
During the final shoot out in the top floor office, when the lighting in red, a guy tkes four shots to the head. In the US version you only see two.
When Dolph fightsd the lead oriental heavy and he gets impaled, you only see the aftermath and not the tight shot of the points going through him.

Now, onto the new version.

Director Hensleigh clearly states on the "making of" featurette, that he despises the style of contemporary action films. He hates quick editing, CGI and the whole MTV editing approach. He sites directors such as Leone, Eastwood and Siegel as being his inspiration. This is a good start. Also the fact that the stunt work in the movie is for real and not post production. Wideshots are used to establish clearly what is going on, then close frame shots for reaction. Fights are cherorgraphed old school. IE You can see what the hell is going on. Punches fly and you see what happens, rather than a lightning procession of short,improbably composed shots.

For a film shot on a moderte budget and on a tight schedule, the finished product looks very polished. Scripted sequences were dropped for bugetary reasons, which may have helped with charactor and plot developement. But the main selling point for me is the repudiation of the comic "kiss off lines" so often employed to mitigate the cynical violence. What you get is a dark, oppressive movie with no cop outs or glimpses of redemption. Facking great! This is what the source material is all about.

The violence depicted is often not as graphic as what it could have been, but some of it is present in such a frank and gruelling fashion it has far more impact. There is lots of "homages" to other movies such as Mad Max, multiple westerns and even Othello.

But because of the way thats it's been crafted, it's not going to be eveyones cup of tea. Purists may be peturbed by the plot changes from the source comic strip. Completists may complain over the skirting over certain plot lines (which were obviously done for budgetry requirements IE All of Frank Castles military service in Kuwait). But action fans who remember the halcyon days of the early 80's, when editing was a craft not populated by those trying to enduce photosensitive epilepsy, may get a kick out of this film.
when is this actually being released? it was out in the US ages ago! and been advertised here for a long time. Has it been delayed? and if so, why?

I think i'll go and see it, looks good. i'm not expecting a masterpiece but i think it'll be enjoyabel.

the latest one is shipping (R1) at the moment I believe , may be worth getting and trading/selling on rather than going to the cinema

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